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How To Setup A Solid MLM Marketing Plan

mlm marketing planWant to know how to setup a solid mlm marketing plan?

Marketing your network marketing business online is NOT posting your links all over the place telling people to join your team or buy stuff for you. Your business not your mlm but it’s you! You have to give people a reason to want to join you. You can do that by solving their problems. This post will show you how to set up the building blocks of your online marketing for your network marketing business.

What Do You Need First?

Before you get started with your online marketing efforts, you should have the proper mindset in place first! You see, we are the ones that hold ourselves back from hitting goals and having the type of success we want. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will. It all starts and ends with the person in the mirror.

One of the things I like to do is speak affirmations. These are simply positive statements you say to yourself every day until it becomes permanently programmed in your mind. Here are some of the affirmations I say to myself daily, use these as a guideline to come up with your own.

  1. I am a successful online network marketer.
  2. Money comes to me easily.
  3. I can do anything I set my mind to do.
  4. I am a born leader.

These are the types of statements you need to say to yourself every single day. Your thoughts lead to actions which in turn dictates your results. Here is a tip for you, if you have a smartphone, write your affirmations down in the note section or take pictures of them, so you always have them at your fingertips. Don’t under estimate the power of words. You can speak things into existence, good or bad. So make sure you are only speaking positive words into your life.

The Components Of A Solid MLM Marketing Plan

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing. When you follow proven systems and methods that work you will save yourself a ton of time and money. Here are the core components of a solid mlm marketing plan. I will go into each one of these in a bit more detail but wanted to give you the simple layout that you will need in my opinion to get your marketing plan going.

  1. Choose a marketing system
  2. Choose just one marketing strategy
  3. Build Your Marketing List
  4. Be consistent

    1. Pick A Marketing System

Why should you have a marketing system in place? Well, there are a few reasons. For starters marketing systems will teach you the necessary skills that you will need to get the type of results that you want. In addition to that, the internet is forever changing, so some things that work today won’t work exactly like that a few years or even months down the road. So staying plugged into a marketing system, in my opinion, is not an option.

In addition to the ongoing marketing training, you open up multiple streams of income, through product sales and monthly subscriptions. Why is this so important? Well if your network marketing company decided to close its doors (That does happen), or they choose to change up their compensation plan, this can have a significate impact on your business. You want to make sure you diversify your income, so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

So, I’m not claiming to know everything about every marketing system that is out here but if you would like to take a look at the one I have been a member of since 2009 and has taught me all the fundamental skills about marketing and growing a business online you can check that out by going here. The picture below is just a small peek at the type of on-going trying you will have at your finger tips.

mlm marketing plan

2. Choose A Marketing Strategy

There are a ton of different marketing strategies that you can use, and quick frankly they all work. But here is the thing, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin especially if you are just starting out. You want to pick just one marketing platform and invest all your time into learning how it works. You should not add any other marketing strategy until you have gotten your desired results. Then and only then should you add something to it.

There is an exception to this rule though, let’s say you decide you want to learn to blog, you can double up here and do videos and put them on your blog. Doing this is essentially two marketing strategies combined into one. This is like marketing on steroids! I use blogging/video marketing as my preferred marketing strategy. When you ar picking out a strategy, make sure you pick one that you enjoy doing. For example, if you don’t like to write then blogging might not be your best path at first.

Choosing just one strategy helps keep you focused and from feeling overwhelmed. All strategies work, that is not a question, but the question is, are you willing to work to learn, implement and teach other people?

Click Here To See Some Marketing Strategies +

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the king when it comes down to social media marketing. Pretty much everyone on the planet has an account. When done right marketing on Facebook can be an endless amount of leads for your business. Don't think just posting your link will get you signups because that method does not work. Posting valuable status updates and content is what will get people to join you. Having a nice profile picture of yourself and pictures showing your lifestyle is a big plus.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another social media giant. But just like Facebook, you have to know how to properly use it. When I first got started using Twitter I had no clue at to what was going on. But like with everything is I got some training and was able to start generating leads from this social media site.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is all about your pictures. Make sure your photos are of high quality to make your profile more effective. Using quotes and lifestyle pictures here just like the other sites will get you your best results. Use a mix of videos and photos to keep things interesting.Try to take advantage of trending hashtags in your niche.

Video Marketing

Building authority online is the key if you truly want to build your business online and video, in my opinion, there is no better way to do it. It's a fact video converts higher than text alone. So what does this mean, if you want to get fast results in your business then you have to be doing video. I did my very first video on my blackberry smartphone at the time. I was terrified but I did it anyway. Now, videos are a lot easier for me and it was the one thing I was missing from my business to finally start getting leads and sales.YouTube at the time of this blog post is the number 2 most searched website in the entire world. So I highly advise you, especially if you are new to start learning how to use this social media platform.

3. Build Your Marketing List

A marketing list is simply a list of people who have expressed interest into what you have to offer. So how exactly do you build it? Well, you have to offer your target audience something of value in exchange for their contact information. For example, here on my blog, in exchange for someone’s contact information, I will give them access to a Free 5-day boot camp, that teaches them how to generate leads for their business.

I would say your marketing list is your most valuable asset. Many ways will allow you to manage it but I use Aweber to manage my list. If you are just starting out, I would highly recommend you make the small investment and get it. Imagine being able to send out one email to a list of people who are already interested in what you have.

4. Be Consistent

Do you want to know the key to success? Well, I’m about to tell you. It’s repeating the same task over and over, that’s the key to success. The problem is most people want things now; they don’t want to put in the work required. Most of the “over night” success stories you see online took years to make! We only see the result. What we don’t see is all the frustrations, the times when they wanted to give up and all the in between stuff. The only difference between you and them is they didn’t quit, will you?

If you struggle with being consistent, that means you lack vision. Vision is who you want to become. This is what pushes you to get things done in your business on days you don’t “feel like doing anything. Vision is what pulls when you feel like quitting. It’s the little voice that says keep going.

So How Do You Market Your MLM?

Ok so now you have all the core pieces put together, but how do you market your mlm to get people to reach out to you? You do this by providing value. What is value? It is simply the solving of your target audience problems. I put together a short video to help give you some ideas on how you can market virtually any network marketing opportunity.

I hope that video helped you and showed you how not to over complicate things when it comes down to marketing. Just take the things that you are learning and turn around and teach them to people. This will attract the right people to you and it will position you as the authority.

Don’t Worry About Being Perfect

Waiting until everything is perfect can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. I fell into this trap when I first got started. I knew I needed to do videos but my camera at the time wasn’t’ good enough. I thought I needed professional pictures on my blog before I could get started. All of these things stopped my business from moving.

The truth is everything will NEVER be perfect. Instead of focusing on being perfect, focus on your progress. Your only competition is the person looking back at you in the mirror. As you slowly get better, you will start to attract higher quality people to you. The more you pour into yourself, the better value you can provide. Surround yourself with individuals who have what you want.

Invest Into Yourself

Investing in yourself will get you the biggest ROI or return on investment. Go out there and talk to any successful person and I can just about guarantee that if you ask them, they have invested heavily in themselves. I know personally, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses and books and different types of training to grow my skill set. The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning. When you are going through material look for the things that you can implement immediately into your business. Don’t wait around because if you do more than likely, it will never get done.

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Let’s Wrap This Up

Having the right mindset is the very first thing you need to have in place when thinking about your mlm marketing plan. I also laid out the four core things that you will need to build your foundation. Remember don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just follow the path that has already been laid out for you.

Be sure to drop me a comment below and let me know if this training helped you out. Feel free to share this around with anyone you think could get some benefit from it.

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  • Keith Everett

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Great post. It always amazes me how people make this so complicated. I think it’s a human flaw to overcomplicate things. Great marketing plan Dereco, thanks for sharing..

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      Yea you aree right Keith, we tend to over complicate a lot of things. I like to keep it simple.

  • Mark Nelson

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Love your affirmations…I say mine at least twice a day. Great post

  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    What a great post.. had to share this one out… love the system you recommend and use it everyday… great post for anyone working a Network Marketing business… thanks for sharing Dereco…you rock

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      Appreciate the share and the comment Ron, thanks for stopping by!

  • Sherri Brown

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    You’re right Dereco. Talking to ourselves or speaking affirmations will always produce positive results. I’ve done it so many times and the results I got are satisfying.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      That’s awesome Sherri! I’ve made affirmations a daily part of my routine. It’s made a big difference.

  • Adewale Adebusoye

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Powerful affirmations. You need to always be building your marketing list and giving out value. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      Exactly, your marketing list is your number one asset. Give out value and build your list. Appreciate this comment Adewale!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Great stuff Dereco!

    What we tell ourselves on a daily basis determines our action.

    Dr. Lisa

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      Everything starts with your thoughts. Appreciate the comment, Dr. Lisa!

  • Coach Jamie

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Wow- A great comprehensive plan to build and successfully implement a mlm marketing plan. Well done and very valuable, I can attest to the system and tools you’re using. Anyone following will be on there way to a successful start online!


    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      Appreciate this comment, Jamie! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply July 25, 2017

    You see people promoting their product & business all the time. Build a relationship first.Great post Dereco.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 25, 2017

      You just dropped a golden nugget right there Martin, build that relationship first.

  • Gary Bledsoe

    Reply Reply July 25, 2017

    Love This!!

    I totally agree with having the correct mindset. I believe that this the reason why sooooo many people fail in anything, not just business. It is because they don’t have the proper mindset.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 28, 2017

      I learned a long time ago that everything starts with your thoughts, which lead to your actions which determine your results. Appreciate the comment, Gary!

  • Tannon Napper

    Reply Reply July 29, 2017

    Hi Dereco, great post. Thank you for this info its very helpful. Im just starting out with my mlm business and i need all the insight i can get. Greatly Appreciated.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 30, 2017

      Hey Tannon, I’m glad the information was helpful. If I can help in any way, please feel free to reach out. Have a great day!

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