Can You Do Network Marketing And Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing vs network marketing

Have you ever asked yourself if you can do affiliate marketing and network marketing at the same time?

In this training blog post, You’ll learn if doing both is possible and exactly how to do it.

The simple answer is yes, you can do both network marketing and affiliate marketing at the same time. The one catch is you want to make sure they line up and complement one another so your marketing message stays congruent. In addition, you should always check with your network marketing company as some companies have restrictions on what you can and can’t do when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate marketing is simply you promoting a product or service you didn’t create or own. You get paid when someone buys the product or service through your weblink which is also called your affiliate link. Most affiliate programs payout one time. Meaning there is no residual income. There are however some programs that do pay a monthly residual.

With an affiliate marketing model, there is no leverage outside of your marketing. Meaning if you are not producing content that works for you around the clock like videos, ads, and blog post, you’ll have to hustle up sales daily.

There is also no “team” or organization with affiliate marketing like there is with network marketing. It is you and only you. Your income is a direct reflection of how much work you put in.

Network Marketing Explained

Network marketing has some of the same benefits as affiliate marketing, you sell a product or service and get paid but the key difference is you can build a network or team of people with network marketing selling the same product or service. You then get paid off the efforts of your network of people or team.

With network marketing, you have a team of people working at any given time, recruiting and selling within your organization. The bigger team you have the more income you can make.

Why You Should Do Both

It’s been said most millionaires have at least 7 income streams.

Most people get started in network marketing for various reasons, one of them is to add an additional stream of income. So if you were to do both network marketing and affiliate marketing, that would give you 2 streams of income, and that is not even counting your job or any other side hustles you come up with.

If you are trying to build your network marketing business online, most people will be happy with their current company. What you will also find out is that most people are looking for education. This is where being an affiliate of a product or service that can show someone how to generate leads and market online can be very helpful.

If all you have to offer is your network marketing company you are leaving money on the table.

How To Do Both At The Same Time

Here’s is how I do both, I put out content that helps me generate leads or people to talk to. Once I generate a lead, I connect with that lead through the phone or email. I then find out what they are looking for. Some people are looking for a network marketing business but most people are already in an opportunity so they are looking for ways to make their current business grow.

Once I find out they are looking for education, I offer them a solution. I refer them over to a marketing system, that teaches them how to brand themselves and generate an endless amount of leads online. If that person decides to sign-up, through my affiliate link I earn a commission.

That is why I say make sure your affiliate products line up with network marketing. People in network marketing need leads, and most of the time they need to start generating some money until their network marketing business takes off. Affiliate marketing can solve both of these issues.

Which One Should You Start With?

Most people looking to make money online start with Affiliate marketing since it’s pretty easy to get going. I would say if you’re coming online for the first time, start with affiliate marketing. Get a good understanding of how online marketing works.

I actually started with network marketing, which at the time I was doing 100% offline. I then turned to the internet because I was trying to figure out how to get my opportunity in front of more people. That is when I found out about affiliate marketing.

If you’re already in a network marketing company, find an affiliate program to complement what you are doing. Make sure you check with your company to see if you have any restrictions first.

If you would like to see my affiliate programs I promote, feel free to shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a list.

Is There Any Downside With Doing Both?

The only downside I would say is if your current network marketing company doesn’t allow you to do anything outside of their company. If this is the case, you should look for another company.

There is really no downside to it, in fact, I highly suggest you find a good affiliate program to pair up with your network marketing company for the additional stream of income.

There is more upside to doing affiliate marketing alongside network marketing in my opinion. The additional stream of income, and the ability to brand your business around yourself vs branding yourself around your company to name a few.

I put together this short training video where I’m also answering the question, can you do network marketing and affiliate marketing.

Video: Can Do You Network Marketing And Affiliate Marketing?

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