How To Shoot Video Inside A Car

how to shoot video inside a car

Have you ever asked yourself how to shoot video inside a car?

In this video blog post, you’ll learn exactly how to do it and you’ll learn the simple four-step process I use with all my videos.

How To Shoot Video Inside Your Car

Recording a video in your car is not difficult at all, here’s what you need to do, turn on your front-facing camera on your smartphone, hold it out in front of you, and hit the record button. Make sure you turn your vehicle and radio off. You don’t want your video to pick any background noises. What I like to do is turn everything off with the windows up.

The most important tip is to make sure you look at the actual camera hole on your phone and not the screen. When you look at the camera hole you’ll be looking at the person viewing your video directly in their eyes. By instinct, your eyes will want to watch yourself on the screen. You’ll be looking away from the person watching the video if you do it like that.

Does that sound too simple? Well, that’s exactly how you do it. I shoot all my videos in my car using this method and for the most part, the majority of the videos have all come out great quality-wise.

How To Structure Your Videos

This is the simple four-step formula I follow for every video I make. I have an intro where I’ll say my name, then I’ll ask a question, and in that question, I’ll tell my audience what benefit they’ll get if they watch my video. Next up is the content. Just answer the question you just asked at the beginning of your video. Make sure you over-deliver on this step. And lastly, I’ll have a call to action. At the end of all of your videos, you should tell your audience exactly what they should do next. It could be click a link and become a lead, click a link to buy something or if you are just starting out tell them to email you if they would like more information.

Here is what this formula looks like in steps:

  1. Intro – Just say your name and something about where you live.
  2. Ask a question – Usually the focus of your video.
  3. Content – Answer the question you just asked.
  4. Call to action or CTA – Tell your audience what you want them to do next. Either click a link for more information or to email you if they would like some additional information.

Here’s an example for you to use as a guideline.

Intro – Hey this Dereco Cherry, I’m sitting here in my home office in Kernersville NC.

Question – Have you ever wondered how you can record videos in your car?

Content – Here is where you give the tips. Make this part of your ready really good.

CTA – If you would like a free PDF of video ideas click the link right below this video.

I follow these steps for every video I create. You’ll want to put your own personality when doing videos but stick to the above formula and you’ll be just fine. If you’ve never recorded a video and would like some help, here is a free training on video marketing that includes a PDF of 101 video creation ideas to help get you started.

What Equipment Should You Buy?

You honestly don’t need to buy any equipment. Holding your smartphone in your hand as I mentioned, in the beginning, is all you need to do. There are however devices that you can add to enhance your videos, such as external microphones and even car mounts that help you shoot steadier video.

What I like to do is use my steering wheel as a stabilizer. I’ll hold my phone with one and sometimes both hands and use my steering wheel to balance it out.

Still to this day I don’t use any additional equipment. I like to keep things as simple as possible. I think the faster you can get into recording mode the better. If you have to mess around with a microphone, making sure you have the perfect angle, and all the other things that you can do, you won’t make as many videos.

The name of the game here is just get started. Don’t get hung up thinking you need some fancy stuff, you don’t. You already know enough and you have everything right now to get started.

How To Get The Best Sound

I’ve never had an issue with sound recording in the car. If you record videos like I mentioned by holding your phone in front of you the volume on your video won’t be an issue.

I wouldn’t stress too much about sound. I’ve tried an external mic with my videos a few times and honestly using the built-in microphone on my iPhone has been working just fine. If you decide later on down the road you’d like to upgrade your sound an external mic would be ideal but I wouldn’t worry about it if you’re just starting out.

How To Get The Best Lighting

I’ve found to get the best lighting in the car is to have your car parked with the sun to your back. When you are facing the sun it washes your face out because it’s too bright. Having your back to the sun will create decent lighting for your video. If you notice in the video on this post, one side of my face looks bright and kinda washed out due to the sun being on my left side. If I would have been facing the sun my entire face would look like that.

That’s why I suggest using the front camera on your smartphone. You can see yourself as your recording the video and make adjustments if needed. There’s been plenty of times I needed to make adjustments to get better lighting.

Best Places To Record Videos In Your Car

The best place to record videos is where ever you can find a parking spot. Here are some places I’ve shot a video to give you some ideas. I would get to work a few minutes early and record videos in the parking lot. I would do videos at the gym parking lot before I walked in for my workout. I’ve recorded videos while walking downtown in my city.

That’s not saying they were the perfect places, I just make it happen no matter where I’m at. That’s the approach you need to take. You could do a video in the grocery store parking lot. It does not matter.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective

Video allows you to connect with your audience that writing alone just can’t match unless you’re a very skilled writer. You can let your personality really show when doing videos, people can get to know all about you, your personality, and how you carry yourself. All of this helps builds trust with your audience.

With video, you can build a global business. Anyone in the world with an internet connection at home or on their cell phone can watch your video. It’s just as good as you standing in front of the person. So imagine you being able to reach virtually an unlimited amount of people. That’s the power of video and in my opinion, it’s the ultimate way to build leverage.

[Video] Me Shooting A Video Inside My Car

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It really doesn’t matter where you shoot your videos at the end of the day. All that matters is the content in your video. Don’t get hung up that you need fancy equipment to get started with videos. You always have your smartphone with you, so when you have a moment, flip on that front-facing camera and start pumping out some content.

The biggest mistake I made when it comes to my online business is not doing video sooner. If someone were to ask me what’s the one thing that’s made the biggest impact on my business, without a doubt I would say video.

Take the tips I just mentioned in this post and start recording videos in your car and you’ll be well on your way to generating more leads, making more sales, and growing your online business!

If you like these kinda tips and you want to connect with me, feel free to reach out, my contact information is down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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