How To Talk To Your Home Based Business Leads On The Phone

Home Based Business Leads

You just generated your first lead online, now what do you do with them?

This post will share some tips on how to talk to your home based business leads on the phone!

How To Find The Best Mlm Leads

Are you trying to build your network marketing or home based business online and looking for more people to talk to about your product or service? Tired of having home parties with people who are not even interested in your business? Alternatively, maybe handing out flyers and business cards are just not your thing. If any of this sounds like you, I have a solution to your problem. You see I was in that same boat a few years ago until I got introduced to a system that taught me how to generate leads, signup more people and make sales all online. If you are tired of spinning your wheels, chasing behind people and you want to know the secret to having a successful business online, take a peek here at what changed everything for me and can do the same for you!

If You Don’t Have Leads Your Business Will Struggle

Generating leads is the name of the game when you are trying to build your business online. Without them, you essentially won’t have a business.

However, after you have learned how to generate leads, what do you do when that very first one shows up in your autoresponder with their email address, and phone number or maybe someone has sent an email or message asking you to call them they want some more information, what do you do? Well, you pick up the phone and call them! If you are building a mlm business, relationships are the key, and there is no better way to build a relationship outside of face to face than the telephone.

That is why you should always ask for leads phone numbers on your capture pages; this is very important if you were new. You will probably get fewer leads, but that is ok because the ones that do opt into your pages will be of higher quality because they have left their phone number for you to call them.

Look Up Where They Are Calling From

When they do leave their phone number, make sure you look up the area code. If you have an autoresponder like Aweber, it will tell the information. When you look up your leads phone number, it serves two purposes. First, you know what time zone they are in which is important when you are making phone calls, second when you know where they are calling from you can use it to help build rapport with your lead.

When Should You Call?

Now you might be asking yourself, when is the best time to call leads. Well, what I like to do is once I generate a lead, I like to wait at least 30 minutes before calling. It gives them a chance to watch the training or read the pdf. You do not want to call, and they are still, and they are still in the middle of watching the information.

You want to make sure you document your calls with all your leads. That is why having a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is so important. CRM’s allows you to organize and keep detailed notes on people you talked to. Imagine how your prospect feel if you talk to them six months later and you remember their kid’s names?

In the video below, you are going to learn how to speak to your home based business leads and the types of questions you should be asking them. Just like anything else, the more you do something, the better you will get!

Video: Home Based Business Leads

Remember, calling your leads is the most effective way to build that all important relationship. Did those tips in the video help you? If they did make sure you drop me a comment below and let me know. Share this training around with anyone you know that is trying to build their business but afraid of picking up that phone!

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  • Larry Hochman

    Reply Reply July 5, 2017

    Smart stuff, Dereco! Everyone wants to feel like they’re important enough to be contacted.

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply July 5, 2017

    3 calls & then move on. I’ll remember to tell them they are being taken off the list, I love that one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 11, 2017

      Yea, that take away get’s people moving. You are welcome, Martin!

  • Brian Garcia

    Reply Reply July 5, 2017

    YES! Using the CRM is a great way to keep up with your leads! Love the one we use 😉

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 11, 2017

      It would hard to run a business without one that is for sure Brian, thanks for stopping by!

  • I would be lost without my CRM!

    Dr. Lisa

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