Best Age To Start Start A Network Marketing Business

Best age to start a network marketing business

Are you wondering what would be the best age to start a network marketing business?

In this post, I’m going to share in my opinion the best age to get started.

Building a network marketing business will require you to sign a contract to become a distributor for whatever company you decide to join but the best age to start a network marketing business is your age at this very moment. I also did a bit of research and what I found is that usually, you must be at least 18 years of age to join an MLM business. It can vary depending on what country and state you leave in. So make sure you check your local laws just to be sure.

Your Age Doesn’t Matter

Your age does not mean a thing when it comes to building a business. Your never too old to build up some passive income for yourself or your family. It’s all about your work ethic and mindset.

I’ve seen young and older people get involved in this profession.

So if you think you’re too young or old to get started, get that nonsense out of your head right now.

Here is a list of people you might recognize who got started a little later in life:

  • Martha Stewart – Was almost fifty years old before you got her magazine deal.
  • Ray Kroc (McDonald’s”) – Was 52 when ran into the MacDonalds brothers eventually buying them out and starting McDonald’s.
  • Colonel Sanders (KFC) – Was 62 years old before he hit success.

This is just a short list of examples. There are people everyday from all ages having success in business. Don’t ever let your age hold you back from getting started.

Does Your Background Matter?

Nope, you can get started with network marketing if you’ve been fired from a job, have bad credit, or if you’ve never had a job at all.

Network marketing does not care about your race, religion, or sex. You don’t need any type of degree or schooling either.

Everyone starts off on the same playing field, with access to the same tools and information.

Really all you need is your vision, a few bucks, and a hell of a work ethic.

Oh, you thought it was going to be easy?

While the business model of network marketing is simple it is going to take a lot of consent work to build a business.

If someone tries to tell you differently I personally would suggest you find yourself a new sponsor or another company to join all together.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started

Network marketing is the perfect business model with its low cost and low risk you really can’t find a better business to start.

The cost to get started is different for each company. It can range anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks into the thousands depending on your start-up package.

When I joined my first company I think I paid $299 to get started. Then I had to get my products on auto-ship to stay qualified to earn money.

I’ve seen some people get hung up on their auto-ship. Which to me is insane. Think of your auto-ship as an expense to run your business.

If you ran a Subway you would have to pay building rent, employees, insurance, and a few other things.

And as you can imagine that won’t be cheap.

So what your auto-ship is a couple of bucks per month. Where else can you go and have operating expenses that low?

So just for a few bucks you can be a business owner and depending on how hard you work you can make your money back pretty fast.

Now let’s say you want to start a franchise such as a Subway or some type of national chain restaurant. You’ll have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars and at least 10 years is when you can expect to make your money back.

So let’s compare, a few hundred bucks and you can make your money back the same day or week with unlimited income potential vs a traditional franchise that’ll cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront and at least 10 years before you’ll see any of your money back.

Low Cost Sometimes Hurts This Profession

Like I just mentioned it only cost a few hundred dollars to get started on a network marketing business. So sometimes people don’t take their business as serious because they only paid a few hundred dollars vs spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a traditional brick and mortar business.

Put the time into your business and treat it like a real business and it will pay you like a real business.

Half ass with it, and it will pay you like a hobby which last time I checked, hobbies usually cost you money.

What If You Are A Student?

Students usually fall within the ages of 18-25. These are young people with goals and dreams. Network marketing is the perfect business to help them achieve those dreams.

Let me be upfront here, I’m not any type of expert of recruiting college students so I had to dig around and here are some of the best tips that I’ve found to recruit students into your business.

Prospecting students is no different than prospecting anyone else. In fact, what I’ve heard a lot of people say is college kids are more open to at least hearing about an opportunity that could change their lives.

Most people want the freedom and lifestyle building a successful network marketing business offers. College students do too!

If you’re thinking like me, you’re probably saying, wouldn’t a college kid be broke or on a very limited budget?

Well if someone was serious about joining your business they would find a way to come up with the money. College students will too IF they are serious about doing the business. If not they’ll just make excuses like any other person.

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

Here are some guidelines to help you if you do decide network marketing is right for you.

Say less to more people. Don’t give out too much information when you’re prospecting. You should collect their information and follow up with them at a later date. Your main goal with prospecting is just finding out who is open, that’s it.

Always maintain your posture. You’re going to have people question you about what you’re doing. It even might be someone in your family or one of your closest friends. Posture is simply you having the belief in something without requiring someone eles’ approval. You

Operate your business like you’re already making a million dollars. Don’t chase, beg or try to convince ANYONE to buy from you or join you. When you’re prospecting think of it as you are interviewing them. You want to make sure their dreams qualify for your time.

Get good at asking questions. If a person tells you they are open to take a look at your business, ask them why. Find out why they are looking to make some extra money. If someone tells you they just want to make more money, dig deeper becaue just wanting more money is not a strong reason.

If you use these tips your MLM success rate can’t go anywhere but up!

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The legal age in most places is 18 years of age. But like I mentioned in the beginning make sure you check with your local laws in your state just to be on the safe side.

Outside of that network marketing provides a great opportunity for someone to achieve time freedom and financial independence. If you are willing to put in the work.

Network marketing does NOT care about your background, how many jobs you’ve been fired form, your credit history, color, religion or sex. All that’s required is patience, a coachable attitude, and a good work ethic.

If you have all of these then I highly suggest you get started with your own network marketing business.

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