How To Do A Perfect Business Opportunity Meeting Invitation

Business Opportunity Meeting InvitationHow you invite your prospect to check out your business sets the tone for your business relationship.

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to do a perfect business opportunity meeting invitation.

How To Get Success In Network Marketing Online

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Business Opportunity Meeting Invitation Approach To Your Warm Market

What you say to your prospect will depend on if they are warm market (someone you already know) or if they are cold market (a complete stranger).

If the person is in your warm market, Just simply say, “I have this new business that I just started. The product is great with a business that you can do part-time to earn some extra money. It would be cool if you could come check it out, if nothing else just to see it and give me your opinion on it. I’ve always respected you as a person and your opinion would mean a lot.  After you see it if it’s something you would like to do cool if not that’s cool too.”

The main thing here is don’t hype things up talking all crazy about how they can make all this money and how easy it will be. Just be human and don’t be weird.

How To Invite Someone To A Presentation

Your cold market is a little different as you can’t just walk up to random people and say the same thing as you would someone you know. So here is what I suggest

Strike up a conversation, use the environment around you. Here is an example, let’s say you see someone with a Dallas Cowboys shirt on, you can easily start up a conversation just from them wearing that shirt, hat or whatever they have on. Give them a genuine compliment to open up the conversation.]

Use the BIC Method

Insert a break in communication. Your break in communication can be anything from you being are on your way to a meeting or you need to go and pick the kids up, doesn’t matter what it just make sure you tell them something. This prevents you from talking too much. Nothing is worse than when a network marketer goes into full pitch mode on someone. Don’t be that person.

Here it is in action, “Hey, I gotta run and go pick the kids up, but just throwing it out there would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

An online BIC such as using Facebook you can say, “I’m not good at explaining the video does better.”

Use the words “are you open.” More often nobody is interested but they might be open. It’s on you to find out.

People will notice how they were approached and think they have to do the same thing. This is why I suggest letting a tool do the presenting to you. Anybody can pop in a DVD or go to a website and check out a presentation. Keep it simple, this will help big time with duplication.

 Using Network Marketing Inviting ScriptsBusiness Opportunity Meeting Invitation

Oh, man seems like everyone wants the magic script, they want the perfect thing to say to everyone that will get them signing up in their business. Here is the truth, ditch the scripts and understand principles of the scripts instead. I say this because there is no such thing as a one size fits all script. Situations change and you need to be able to adjust sometimes.

Now I will admit when I came online I used to chase the scripts, but not anymore.

One of my marketing channels is Twitter, and I learned some skills on how to start conversations, well in that course that I went through they had the copy and paste scripts that you were supposed to send to people who responded to your message. It didn’t take me long to figure out that those scripts were not a one size fits all. I had to understand what the script was trying to do and in this case was to see if they wanted to check out some free twitter training.

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The Art of Invitation In Network Marketing

Why are we told to start with our warm market when joining a network marketing business? It’s because people only buy from people they like know and trust. Who knows and hopefully likes you better than your family and friends? The like, know and trust stage is where most people mess up, especially when they are doing cold market prospecting.
Have you ever sent someone a friend request on Facebook and then immediately sent them a link to join you and your business? They don’t even know you so why on earth would they purchase something from you?

Why Should You Be Creating Content

Creating content is a great way to get people to like know and trust you when you are trying to build your business online. Offline it’s a bit different. Even with offline prospecting its easier to build that rapport because they can see you in person, they see how you are dressed. It takes just a few words for people to start liking you.

You Have To Go Through The Numbers

Majority of the people that you talk are not going to join your business. You can be the best video marketer on the planet, the wizard when it comes down to running Facebook Ads, you still have to go through the numbers.

This is one of the main reasons why joining multiple mlm’s doesn’t work and why jumping from del to deal doesn’t work either. People give far too soon BEFORE they have the numbers.

[Video] The Business Opportunity Meeting Invitation

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