Direct Selling Online

Direct Selling Online: Some Simple Tips That Should Help

Wondering how you should do direct selling online?

Direct Selling OnlineToday you are going to learn some simple tips that will help you use the internet to grow your business online.

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Should You Do Direct Selling Online?

If you are wondering if you should be doing direct sales online the answer is a great big fat YES! Using the internet allows you to reach a much larger audience than you could ever possibly do just talking to people alone. When you are building your business the more people you can reach and get to take a look at your presentation or service the more income you can potentially make.

Creating leverage in your business is another thing you can do when you start to do direct selling online. Blogging and videos is my favorite way and in my opinion it’s the best way to build leverage even more if you building your business part-time. I have videos and blog post that I created months and even some years ago that still bring me leads and sales. You can do the work one time and have it work for you around the clock. If you have been wanting to start a blog but don’t know where to start you might want to check out this online marketing system.

When most people come online they use the internet all wrong when they are trying to build their business. They usually start doing what I like to call link slinging. They are just throwing their link out there and hoping someone joins their business or buys a product from them. This does NOT work at all. If you want to have people reaching out to you asking you about your business you have to become a person of value. Become an expert in whatever business you are in.

Let me give you an example. I had a lead reach out to me the other day and they were in a mlm company that sold electronic products and they were having trouble getting people to buy from them. They were just posting their links in various groups but just not really getting anywhere. I told them to start creating content around electronics. Things like top 3 things to look for when buying a tablet etc.  You can apply this same concept to whatever business you are doing. Health and wellness, travel it don’t matter. Educate your audience and they will be more willing to buy from you.

Just know marketing online is a passive form of marketing and it can take some time to start generating leads. Active marketing where you are going out talking to people and seeing if they are open to take a look at your opportunity or service. When you are just getting started I highly suggest you to spend majority of your time on active marketing.  Here are some additional resources that will help you with building your business online:

How To Generate Leads Online: The Blueprint

Mlm Tips: How To Get More Sales Online

In the video below I share some tips with you on how you can do direct selling online.

Video: Some Direct Selling Online Tips

Was this training video helpful? Do you see how just posting your link all over the place just won’t work. Let’s help spread the message so everyone inside direct sales can get better with building their business through marketing properly.

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  • Lynda Kenny

    Reply Reply June 14, 2016

    I learned early on that just putting out links doesn’t work. Its giving value through good content that works. Thanks for a great share Dereco

  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply June 14, 2016

    Understanding how to marketing online is huge… if you are just going to be another spammer then don’t waste your time… what a great post Dereco… thanks for sharing this

  • Drew Berman

    Reply Reply June 14, 2016

    Educate your audience and they will be more willing to buy from you is to true. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Justin Barclay

    Reply Reply June 15, 2016

    Great tips today Dereco! Cheers

  • Tom Watts

    Reply Reply June 18, 2016

    Hey Dereco,

    Link slinging is definitely not the way to go! Why would someone buy from you without getting to know you at all, just because you pushed a link in front of their face? Even more so, when you’re working in any kind of online marketing, you shouldn’t be sending cold customers straight to a product. Send them to something of value, that they can take in exchange for an email address. Once you have their email address they can be a customer for life. Keep up the great work!


    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply July 11, 2016

      Thanks Tom! Link slinging is how NOT to build a business but so many people do it. Great comment! Thanks for stopping by!

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