Four Perfect Places Online To Get Leads For Network Marketing

online places to find leads

Would you like to know four of the best places to find leads online?

There are plenty of ways to generate leads, some paid but most you can do for free. I put together this blog post to show you four places that you can tap into to grow your business.

The perfect place to get leads for your network marketing business fast is using social media. Here are four places you can start using today.

Four Perfect Places Online To Get Leads For Network Marketing

  1. Facebook Groups – Facebook is arguably the most misused social media platform when it comes to network marketing. People join network marketing and forget the social part of social media. The key to using groups is forming relationships. The easiest way to it is through a common interest. Let’s say you’re part of a Facebook group about fishing. Don’t start posting about your business but instead post about fishing. Simple right? As you’re engaging in the group, making a post of your own, and interacting with more people, speaking about your business will naturally come up during conversations.
  2. Twitter – This is a fast-paced social media platform. I actually use a piece of software that automates most of my Twitter. My tweets consist of inspirational quotes and content that helps my target audience. I also suggest making use of hashtags. Hashtags help you get discovered by people who may not be following you. Don’t tweet your MLM replicated website. Instead, tweet out that excellent blog post you just wrote or that helpful youtube video you just uploaded. Make sure to use your own name for your Twitter handle. Mine is DerecoCherry go follow me on Twitter. Retweet other peoples tweets who are in your niche and follow them too.
  3. Instagram – This social media platform is super easy to use. You just upload pictures and videos and off you go. The same rules apply here, though, don’t set up your account as your company name. Don’t post about joining your business or buying your product. Keep the hashtag usage to a minimum. Less is better. And the main thing I’d suggest just be human. Interact with people, comment on other peoples post, and always lead with value.
  4. Forums – Forums can be a great source of leads. Here are a few key things to keep in mind. Make sure you are an active member. If someone asks a question, do some research and give them the best answer possible. Resist the urge to pitch your business. Instead, have your profile set up in a way that people can get in contact with you if they want to know more about what you do. Don’t go in there and just post your sign-up link. That won’t work.

Why Lead Generation Is So Important

Money comes from people, the more people you can get to watch your presentation the better chance you’ll have at making a sale or recruiting a new teammate (business builder). If you don’t have leads, well you pretty much won’t have a business, not for long anyway.

There are numerous ways to generate leads online, you can go the paid route, you can use the social media places I just listed above or you could learn attraction marketing and have people reaching out to you.

I generated my first leads online by creating content, more specifically shooting videos and uploading them to YouTube.It didn’t happen for me overnight, it took a few months but now I pretty much generate leads every day. My suggestion to you would be to start creating content as fast as possible so when your marketing kicks in you don’t have to prospect if you don’t want too. I wanted a way to long to start creating videos. That was my biggest mistake.

If you would like some help with your first video or even some guidance on setting up your blog to get your content machine rolling, send me an email at and ask me about my one-on-one coaching packages. My coaching has helped people generated their first lead and even their first sales online.

What Are The Best MLM Leads?

If you want to step up your lead generation game, you’ll want to learn attraction marketing. A lead that YOU generate is the best lead you can get. You might be wondering why is that, it’s simple, the lead that you generate already knows you through your content such as a video or blog post. So this makes the conversation way different. Instead of you finding out if their open to looking at what you’re doing, their saying they want more information about what you’re doing. Big difference.

I remember generating my first lead online. Getting that first notification that someone actually reached out to me made this whole online lead generation real for me.

The best way I can tell you to get started is to make a commitment to start sharing what you are learning. Even if its only one tip. Turn the camera on your phone and shoot a quick video. At the end of that video, simply tell them to reach out to you if they want to connect with you. That’s it. Online lead generation is not difficult at all.

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I just gave you five places online to find prospects for your business. Here’s what I can tell you the effort you put into these strategies is just like anything else. If you half-ass it, expect half-ass results. What you put into it is exactly what you get out. More eyes on your deal mean more sign-ups and sales for your business. Commit to doing one thing starting today from this training. It will help you move closer to your goals!

If you like these kinda tips and you want to connect with me, feel free to reach out, my contact information is down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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