How To Do Video Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

Today you’re going to learn how to do video marketing in 5 easy steps. If getting more leads and sales interest you at all these tips will

How To Do Video MarketingToday you’re going to learn how to do video marketing in 5 easy steps.

If getting more leads and sales interest you at all these tips will help!

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How To Do Video Marketing: How I Got Started

When I first got started I thought I needed all types of fancy equipment to start creating videos. This caused me to go out and spend unnecessary money on things I didn’t need.  I actually ended up creating my very first video on a smartphone which was a blackberry smartphone at the time! You don’t need any fancy equipment to start creating content and sharing your value with the world. Even the camera on your laptop computer will do just fine, you just need to push the record button and do it. A good marketing strategy to have is to always have a end goal in mind. Do you want that person to opt into your webpage and become a lead or maybe you want them to check out a product or service. Check out this course about posting on purpose which helps explains this more in depth. Go Here.

Video is a great way for you to connect with your audience and build a relationship with them. It’s also a one of the best ways to create leverage in your business. You put a video up and it stays working for you around the clock generating leads and sales for you even while you are sleep! You can also use your videos to answer peoples questions. Let me give you another example on how you can leverage your videos, let’s say someone ask you a question. Instead of you trying to type out a long response or go into time consuming conversation you can just point them to a video that you have created. You will look like an expert not to mention this will separate you from all the other people out there.

Here are some additional tips for you.

  1. Don’t expect to get results over night. It will take some time to see results just like with any other marketing strategy. Be willing to put in the work and learn everything there is to know about video marketing on YouTube or any other media sharing site you might be using. Be committed to learning for the long haul. If you are using YouTube (which I highly suggest) here is a great training that will get you started off right.
  2. Don’t worry about trying to create a perfect video. Here’s the truth they will never be perfect, heck I still mess up on my videos from time to time but I keep moving forward. You have to be able to do the same. The only person you are in competition with is yourself and nobody else.

Here are a couple of additional resources that will show you what equipment I’m using and further your education:

How To Generate Mlm Leads Online With Video

Dealing With Online Video Marketing

5 Helpful Video Marketing Tip For Internet Marketers

Check out the video below for some simple video marketing strategy that you can use and start implementing today. I would even suggest making a little check list or sticky note somewhere just as a reminder of the steps you should take until it becomes a habit for you.

Video: 5 Easy Steps That You Can Do

If you want to learn how to do proper keyword research like I talked about in the video go here.

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