How To Get Started With Blogging

How To Get Started With Blogging

Are you looking to take your business online with blogging?

Then check out these 3 tips to help you get started the right way.

Blogging, in my opinion, is the very best way to generate leads online. It’s super simple to get started. You want a self-hosted WordPress blog. You will need to find a hosting provider first. Next, You’ll need to install WordPress. Once that’s done you’ll need to choose a theme. You’ll want to do some customization to make yours and that’s it. You’ll be ready to start creating some awesome content. Let’s talk a bit more about ins and outs of blogging.

Where I Got My Start From

I came online, I was confused and had no clue of how this thing worked. I knew there had to be a way to get my network marketing business in front of more people. I just didn’t know how the pieces of this internet puzzle worked together.

That all changed one day. I came across a video that told me I could generate endless amounts of leads for my business AND open up an additional stream of income.

That was back in early 2010 and I’m still here, learning, implementing and getting better every day. If you want to check out marketing system that taught me the foundation of marketing online. Here is a short video that explains everything.

Why Blogging

Leads are the lifeline of pretty much any business. No leads, no business.

Blogging, in my opinion, is the very best way to generate leads online.

The leads you generate are highly targeted. They already know who you are from your content.

And with blogging, once you hit that publish button, your post will stay out there virtually forever.

What’s so powerful is I still get leads and sales from blog post I’ve written years ago.

Can You Create A Free Blog

There are a few free solutions such as that you can use as well if you are on a tight budget. You don’t need any kind of hosting account because they control all of that.

But be warned free can be the most expensive option if you decide to go this route. You need to make sure your content falls within whatever rules they have. So make sure you know them.

The cool thing about doing a self-hosted blog, you own 100% of the content. That means you never need to worry about someone taking your site down because of the content you posted on it.

If you are serious about building a business you want a self-hosted WordPress site.

Which Blogging Platform

There are several ways you can get your blog up and running. But the very best way would be a self-hosted blog.

To get started with a self-hosted blog, first, you need to find someone to host it. There are a ton of companies that offer hosting for cheap and some that cost a bit more.

Here is what I found out, don’t go cheap on your hosting, my first blog ran on GoDaddy and they were pretty good. My site never went down and support was pretty helpful anytime I had a problem.

But since then I moved my site over to some dedicated hosting with a company called wpengine. Even though they do cost a bit more you get a free SSL cert to secure your site and a host of other things. This helps with your rankings with Google. Feel free to check them out but like I said Godaddy is not a bad option as well.

Getting Your Blog SetupHow To Get Started With Blogging

Never let technology get in your way. You can get things super cheap these days.

My first blog, I spent hours setting things up, making sure all my pictures were right, my sidebar perfect and you know what it while it wasn’t bad, it didn’t look all that great either.

I’ve changed my blog a few times over the years and this last time, I just outsourced it and it was done in just a couple of days. Now anytime I need changes done or a page made it cost me just a few bucks.

Go to places like or and just outsource it.

Or maybe you have someone in your family who you could pay a few bucks to get things set up for you.

Some Blogging For Beginners Tips

Make sure your content solves a problem or answers a question. Don’t just blog about your business or your product. Put some value out there.

Don’t write short content. A 300-word blog post ain’t going to cut it.

My post, in the beginning, was short when I first got started and they didn’t get much traction at all. Then I learned Google likes long content. So now I shoot for 1500 words or more with each post.

You don’t have to be an expert on anything or have any major results just yet. Just share what you are learning. Teach the day one version of yourself is the best piece of advice I got.

Always protect your blog, what I mean by that is don’t do anything spammy. Don’t try to outsmart Google and do things like keyword stuffing and building unnatural backlinks. Just focus on writing good long helpful content and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Make sure your site is set up for basic SEO and you do basic SEO with each blog post. If you need some help with that check out my work with me page.  I help people every day with their blogs.

How To Write A Blog

The biggest hangup people have is what should they blog about and it’s really simple.

Before you write your first piece of content you should know who is your target audience. Once you know that creating content becomes super simple.

If you’re building a network marketing business, I wrote a post on how to do mlm blogging. You can check that out if you’re interested in learning some additional tips.

For example, here on my blog, my target is network marketers. So all my content is based on the problems that network marketers have when coming online such as, starting a blog, how to do videos, how to get their content to rank, how to prospect online.

So you see creating content is not difficult when you know who your target audience is going to be.

Video: 3 Tips On How To Get Started With Blogging


Blogging is a great way to build your online presence and it establishes you as a leader which is what most people are looking for. It’s considered a passive form of marketing where you hope someone sees your content and then takes action on it. If you are just getting started blogging or maybe you have even been blogging for a while these 3 tips on how to get started with blogging will help you out.

It is very important that you lay a strong foundation from the very start for your blog that is why I suggest you go with a self-hosted blog vs a free one. Your blog is an asset that can pay you for years to come if you set it up properly.

Blogging can be a very profitable marketing strategy so yes you can make money blogging but it takes time to get the results. That’s why it’s a passive form of marketing. Staying committed to the process is also needed if you decide to go down this path. Results do not happen overnight so that should not be expected. It’s a long-term strategy that when implemented correctly can be a big asset to any business.

I hope you got value from this blog post 3 Tips On How To Get Started With Blogging. If you did please like, comment and share with anyone you think could benefit from this.

To Your Massive Success!


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  1. Hey Dereco,

    Great tips here for those that really want to lay out a strong foundation in blogging. The optin, social share buttons, and CTA are definitely must haves if you want to get desired results. Sometimes some of us veteran bloggers have to go back to the basics to make sure we have everything just right!

    Thanks for sharing and you have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Dereco! I SO agree with you that free can be the most expensive thing you do! I actually made the mistage of building my whole blog on only to find out I couldn’t monetize it at all!Haha I had to do it all over and do self hosting which was definitely the best move. Thanks for providing this info to the new bloggers out there! 🙂

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