MLM Objections: How To Handle Objections In Network Marketing

How do you handle objections when your prospects give them to you? In this post, I'm going to tackle some of the more common MLM objections so you can handle them like a

How To Handle Objections In Network Marketing

How do you handle objections when your prospects give them to you?

In this post, I’m going to tackle some of the more common MLM objections so you can handle them like a boss!

Why People Have Objections

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but not everyone is going to see how great your network marketing company is and that is ok. Although we would like to recruit everyone breathing into our business the truth is that just is not the case.

Objections can be a good thing. If people are giving you objections this could mean at least they are strongly considering signing up and joining your business. They just have some unanswered questions that they need answered.

A good way to find it is a technique that I’ve learned, what you want to do is gather up all of their concerns or questions then simply ask them, “Are these questions the only thing standing in your way of getting started today?” If they say yes, then you go ahead and answer the questions. If you can’t answer them reach out to your upline or someone who does. If they say no, well you just saved yourself a ton of time because they probably wasn’t serious anyway and would have wasted your time.

Handling Objections In Network Marketing

You will get way more no’s than yes’s when building your network marketing company. One thing that I’ve learned is you can’t be addicted to the outcome. Whether they join your business or not.

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A no does not mean no forever, it just means the timing is just not right for them. This is why its critical that you don’t don’t burn bridges. You never know what can happen on down the road. I’ve actually had people I’ve prospected over a year ago reach back out to me asking me about my business. That would have never happened had I been mean or rude to them just because they told me no when I first prospected them.

My First Week When I Got Started

I remember my very first week getting started, I had just watched a company presentation and signed up a few hours later. I then went out and did pretty much told everyone that I came into contact with how I found this great business.

Needless to say not to many people were as excited as I was. I got told no a lot. I got the “I don’t have the money.” Just about every objection in the book. But I didn’t stop. I kept going. While I didn’t make a million dollars, I was able to rank advance several times and make some cash.

I had no clue how to handle rejection at the time. Now I do. We all have to start somewhere. You don’t just wake up one day and turn into this master recruiter. It takes time, training and action.

I wasn’t until I turned to the internet and started learning how to marketing online that I started gaining the skills needed. I started learning attraction marketing and getting people to reach out to me instead of me chasing them.

I’ve invested a lot of my time and spent thousand’s of dollars on training and coaching.

Never Do This

Don’t ever try and convince your prospect they should do network marketing. Either they see how great it is or they don’t. If they don’t move on to the next person. Here are a some addtional resources that will help you with prospecting.

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Here Is One Way You Can Handle MLM Objections

One of the key things to keep in mind when it comes to prospecting is you want to make it about your propsect and not about you. When they have objections, and they will, they need to know you understand where they are coming from. You can easily do this by using this cool technique called the feel felt found method. When your propsect gives you an objection you can say something like “I totally understand how you feel.” My business partner (insert something similar) felt the exact same way until they found out this that helped them understand it.”

In the video I tackle three of the most common objections in network marketing. Remember don’t take mlm objections personally, the timing may just not be right for them. Make a friend and follow up with them at a later date. You never know how things will turn out.

Video On How To Handle Objections In Network Marketing

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