MLM Tip: How To Be A More Powerful Recruiter

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Want to be a better recruiter?

Check out the mlm tip in this video blog, and learn how to have a rock-solid recruiting mindset.

MLM Marketing Tips I Wish I Knew In The Beginning

When I came online a few years ago, I had no clue of how this online marketing thing worked. If someone would have asked me what a capture page was they would have gotten a blank stare from me.

It wasn’t until I plugged into a marketing system that taught me how the pieces fitted together AND it kept me up to date with the ever-changing marketing strategies out here.

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Maintaining Your Power

I recently had a conversation with someone and I mentioned how I will read or listen to an audiobook several times. They asked why do I do that.

Here’s the thing, I’m constantly learning things all the time. Always looking to increase my skillset. So I can go through a book I’ve read one time and get an even better understanding of the material later on down the road.

You pick up on things you might not have caught the first time around.

So the other day I decided to fire up a training I had purchased a few months ago. It called, maintaining your power by Ray Higdon.

This audio training was all about training you on how to have the right mindset when it comes to building your network marketing business.

He made some very good points, one of them being everyone is looking for that magical trick when it comes to recruiting and building a team. There is no trick or magical thing that you can do.

It’s going to take you learning some new skills and a lot of hard work.

Your mindset is where everything will start. Your mindset will make you an unstoppable force.

Stop Doing This Now

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is chasing people or acting all needy. Just getting started? Doesn’t matter don’t chase or beg anyone to join your business. People are turned off when you come off as needy or like you are begging them to join your business.

Don’t waste your energy on people who don’t like network marketing. Instead, go find the people who already like the mlm business model.

You must have an abundance mentality.

Let me ask you something if you were talking to a prospect in person or on the phone and you had 20 more people to talk to about your business how would you carry yourself? Would you beg that person to join you?

Probably not. I wouldn’t. If they sign up and want to build a team with you great! If not it’s no big deal you have more people to talk to.

Even if you are just starting out and you don’t have 20 people to talk to you still need to have this mindset.

Your Success Is All Up To You

Yep, that’s right, it’s not up to your upline it’s not even up to the people you sponsor. Your success depends on you.

Your results are directly tied to your actions. Business not growing? Take a look at what actions and habits you have been doing and I’ll bet you’ll find your answer.

Want to change your results, change your habits.

Having a hard time building your mlm, pay close attention to the video below as I share some mlm tips for success that will help put your business on the right path.

[Video] How To Have A Rock Solid Mindset

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