Online Marketing Help: The Secret Why Most New People Fail

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In this video blog post I’m going share with you the secret why most new people fail when marketing online.Online Marketing Help

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Do You Need Some Online Marketing Help?

Most people who are getting started and go about it the wrong way and need some online marketing help. Marketing is all about solving peoples problems. If you were a mechanic who ran a garage you could educate people of the importance of getting your oil changed or keeping the proper pressure in your tires. Do you see how that works? You could use that concept in any niche that you are in to attract people to you. But what most people do is grab their link and start posting it all over the place talking about join me, you haven’t given someone a reason to want to join you. There is a saying of when you become more you earn more. You should constantly working on becoming a version of you. They say it can take up to 20,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. How many hours are you putting in?

In the video below I talk about how marketing online is similar to someone who is into fitness or weight lifting looking to get some results. Getting results in the gym and online are similar in a lot of ways because people usually give up on them when they don’t get those fast results. You shouldn’t have those same expectations when building your business online. Don’t think you are gonna get rich over night because that’s just not the case. The truth is all those so called over night success didn’t really happen over night they went through struggles and pains just like you might be having now. The difference is they kept with it and didn’t give up!

Online Marketing Help Video: The Secret Why Most New People Fail

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  1. Teaching to teach and helping others is so right Dereco. I loved your analogy about the mechanic and when described that way it makes total sense. Sometimes we over complicate things when at the end of the day its simply to help others by giving them good advice and tips. Thanks for sharing

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