Three Easy ways To Improve Your Social Network Marketing Plan

This post is going to teach you three easy ways you can improve your social network marketing plan.Improve Your social network marketing plan

If you are using social media for marketing your mlm and not getting any results, this will help turn that around.

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I’m sure you know Facebook is the king when it comes to social media. Just about everyone in the universe on on there. Ok that might be a bit of exaggeration but you get my point. But it is a great place to market to your audience IF it is done right. You can do this using Facebook Ads. If you have no clue of what they are don’t worry because in this free training your going to get access to a free 77-page pdf download and video tutorial that going to take you by the hand and show you how to easily set them up. Learn how you can increase traffic to your website, promote 5 products with 1 ad and so much more. Click here for instant access!

What Not To Do In Your Social Network Marketing Plan

Here is what most people do when they join a new network marketing company. They head over to Facebook and update their profile with their company logo and then the pitch fest starts, all their post is usually for their friends to sign up and join their business. This is the worst thing to do to build your business and here’s why. When you put your company name all over your profile most people will see the name and then go out and research it on their own. You have no control over what information they find whether it be good or bad.

Don’t you think it would be better if you were the one showing your company to your friends for the first time instead of Google? That is something you can control.

Here is something to remember about marketing in social networks, people come there to be social not to buy. When was the last time you wanted to buy something and you logged into Facebook to buy it or any other social media platform? Probably never.

So how do you get people to buy? You start by building a relationship with them. If they are already on your friends list A simple “hello how are you doing” is a great way to start the conversation. Ask them how things are going and what they have been up to. Let the conversation flow naturally. Don’t be so eager to bring up your business. You will be able to tell from the conversation is going if you should even bring up your business at all.

If you are prospecting someone that you don’t know, the best thing to do is go look at their profile. This works for just about all the social media platforms. They usually have something about themselves you can use to start up a conversation. Make small talk with them. Show them some genuine interest in them. Actually listen to what they are saying. Listen more and talk less and this is the big one never send an unsolicited link to someone. That pretty much guarantees they will never join your business.

Check out the video below where I teach you three easy ways to improve your social network marketing plan.

Video: Marketing In Social Networks

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    1. Some people don’t get that key point you just mentioned Dr. Lisa. Companies come and go that’s why it’s so important to brand YOU! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  1. That is right Dereco it is much better to show your friends business and do not let Google do it for you. Because they will have probably a wrong information. Thak you for sharing this!

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