Using Instagram For Marketing Success

Are you still looking like an amateur at using Instagram for marketing?

Check out today’s video blog if you want step up your game and learn how to use Instagram for your business like a pro to build your list, generate leads and get more sales using this powerful social media platform.Using Instagram For Marketing

Should You Follow The Rules When Using Instagram For Marketing?

This social media platform has rules you must follow just like Facebook. By not following the guidelines and rules is one of the quickest ways to get your account shutdown. You should be posting things to contribute to any social media platform you are using for marketing. Instagram is no different. This could be some type of tip or even just a quote to help the community. Don’t try things to get get fast Instagram followers. Fast is not always good. Be interested in your audience and how you can help them not just making a quick sale from someone and just don’t follow any and everybody, follow people who are potentially interested in what you have to offer.

Here are some additional things you should be aware of now keep in mind these numbers are pretty large and to hit them you would pretty much have to live on Instagram all day and honestly who does that? These are just good lines to go by so keep that in mind as well: 1000 likes per day, 250 comments on other peoples profile, you can only follow around 300 people and about 200 unfollows per day.

A great way to come up with content to share is plug into weekly mindset and marketing training. Every Wednesday there is free marketing training taught by some of the industry’s top earners. You can use apps like the crowdfire to schedule your post and even find and follow users based on people and companies they follow.

In the video below I share some Instagram examples you can use to get your account setup the right way and help you stand out from the crowd with some marketing tips!

Video: Using Instagram For Marketing

Using Instagram for marketing the right way will prevent your account from getting banned allowing you to generate those leads for your business. Did this video show you how to use Instagram for Business? Was it helpful?

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  1. Hey Dereco,

    Great information! I love Instagram but have not yet jumped on for business. With your tips I’ll be ready when I decided to get started.

    Thanks 🙂

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