What Online Strategy Should You Use To Find Prospects?

What Online Strategy Should You Use To Find Prospects

Don’t know which strategy you should use for generating leads for your business?

In this training, I’m going to help you figure out the best online strategy to use to grow your network marketing business online.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer so here are some of my suggestions for generating prospects for your business. Facebook lives, YouTube Videos, Blogging, Instagram Stories, and Twitter are all great places to find prospects for your home based business. Keep in mind there are many other ways to do generate leads, but the list I just mentioned is a great place to start. If you are just getting started, I suggest you just pick one and master it before you decide to add anything else. Let’s dive into the pro’s and cons of each strategy, so keep reading.

What Online Strategy Should You Use To Find Prospects?

Do the one you will stay consistent with for the long-term.

If you hate writing, don’t blog. If you cringe at the thought of getting on camera, don’t do videos. If you are not a social butterfly, I wouldn’t start with marketing on social media.

But keep this in mind, at some point doing the things you hate will need to happen.

Your success is just on the other side of the very thing that you fear.

I was scared as hell when I recorded my first video; I kept putting it off. I kept telling myself; I needed this or I need that. All I was doing was delaying my success.

How To Prevent From Feeling Overwhelmed

The best way to prevent feeling overwhelmed is to only focus on one strategy at a time.

It can be tempting to do videos and blog post and Instagram and everything else under the sun. But here is what usually happens.

You end up spreading yourself too thin and not getting any results. Imagine if you were to focus 100% of your efforts on just video marketing? You would get to the results a lot faster.

Add in additional strategies as you start to get results with one.

Now let’s jump into some those strategies and some tips so you can get those results in your business.

Do Facebook Lives

In a previous training I did, I said to get your first customer in your home based business you should go talk to your friends and family. But let’s say you don’t want to do that, well I would suggest doing Facebook lives.

Back in the day, if you wanted to get a lot of people to check out your business at one time, you would have to put on a live event or book a hotel meeting room.

If you were just getting started this would be next to impossible to pull off.

Now with technology and social media, you can get in front of hundreds if not thousands of people at any giving time, even if you’re brand new.

How To Get The Best Results From Your Facebook Lives

Most marketers get on Facebook lives trying to sell something.

Instead of pushing your product or service, educate your audience.

Let’s say you are in a health and wellness company; you could do a live on some weight loss tips.

If you were in a travel mlm, you could give out some tips on the best time to book your flights or how to get the best rates when booking a hotel.

If you want to push your product, I’d suggest talking about the problem your product solves without mentioning the name and use this simple four-step process for all of your lives.

  • Intro
  • Question
  • Answer the question you just asked (the content)
  • CTA (Call To Action)

Keep This In Mind

Facebook lives are a great short term strategy; it’s not for the long-term.

Anytime somebody puts a question into Google and searches, your Facebook lives more than likely won’t show up.

Facebook content is not optimized for searching like a blog post or YouTube videos.

What I suggest is to download your lives, edit them and re-upload them to youtube and embed them on your blog.

That will allow you to drive traffic from three different places.

YouTube Videos

You can go live on YouTube, but most people usually records a video, edit it up and upload it to the site.

I suggest using the same four-step strategy I mentioned for Facebook lives for youtube as well.

I use that exact strategy for every video that I record.

Also, when you are recording a video, act like you are talking to just one person. It makes your viewers feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Just speak like you’re having a normal conversation with someone.

Great Long Term Strategy

YouTube is owned by Google which means it’s built on a searchable platform. Google wants to show you the videos that answer the questions you are searching.

I’ve got videos up on youtube that I did years ago that still get me leads and sales.


Blogging is my favorite strategy to generate leads online. Its very leverage just like recording youtube videos. Once you hit the publish button your blog post will stay out there forever.

Video is the most effective form of content you can create, but blogging is a close second.

My suggestion for blogging is just like with my video suggestion, use your blog to teach your target audience. Solve problems and answer questions with your blog post.

Have a self-hosted WordPress site.

You’ll want to get hosting. I use a service called wpengine. It does cost a bit more than some hosting other hosting companies, but wpengine only works with WordPress. You also get access to some awesome premium themes.

WordPress.com and sites like blogger.com are NOT self-hosted sites.

Once you get your WordPress and your theme installed, you’ll want to start creating content as fast as possible.

Don’t get hung up on how it looks or worry too much trying to make it all pretty. You can always change things around once your blog starts generating you some leads and income.

The Downside To Blogging

The biggest downside to blogging is the amount of time to start seeing some results.

You can’ blog for one week and expect to see results. Just like you can go to the gym and expect to get an six-pack in one week either.

Blogging is a long term strategy. But it’s the best long term strategy in my opinion.


Twitter has been a great source of traffic, leads, and sales for me. Here are some tips strategies that you can implement in your business.

  • Stay away from posting your company replicated website. Everyone in your company is posting the same thing. What makes yours any different?
  • Telling or asking people to join your team with your sign-up link.
  • Posting things like “ground floor opportunity”

All these things simply do not work.

Here are some things that do work.

  • Posting answers to questions.
  • Helpful blog post that educates people.
  • Tweet out inspiration quotes

Since Twitter moves so fast, you need to stay in front of your audience as much as possible. The best way I’ve found to do it is with a service call social jukebox. What it does is precisely what the name implies. So every time I publish a new blog post, I put it in my social juke box. It rotates publishing it on a schedule inside twitter.

Here is a free trial you might want to consider checking out if you decide to integrate Twitter at some point into your overall marketing plan.

Twitter is a fast-paced social media site. Your followers are just like the ones you have on Facebook, meaning they are real people. Treat them like you would if you were to meet them in person.

If someone likes or retweets my content, I’ll always send that person a direct message.

Lead with value and not spam just like you would any other site for the best results.

The biggest drawback to Twitter is like any other social media platform I’ve just mentioned in this post, you don’t own it. Which means you can be shutdown at anytime.

[Video] How To Find Prospects Online


All of the strategies I just mentioned are great ways to generate leads for your business online.

Remember with social media you don’t own any of your content or your profiles. They can be shut down at any time. That’s not the case with a self-hosted WordPress blog. That’s yours, and you own it.

No matter which strategy you prefer always lead with education first. Create your content around solving problems and answering questions, have a CTA (call to action) at the end of all of your content and have the people reach out to you.

Follow those tips, and you’ll be well on your way to generating more leads than you can handle for your business.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if this training helped you out. And if you know someone that could get some benefit, consider sharing it around and with your team.

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To Your Massive Success

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