Create Facebook Likes Ads Using These Three Tips

Wondering how you can grow your Facebook fanpage? In today's training, I'm going teach you three tips that will help you get more likes to your fan page to grow your audience using facebook likes

facebook likes adsWondering how you can grow your Facebook fanpage?

In today’s training, I’m going teach you three tips that will help you get more likes to your fan page to grow your audience using facebook likes ads.

Don’t Get Put In The Slammer

I’ve personally never been in the Facebook slammer but I have several marketing friends who have and basically what happens is Facebook prevents you from posting in groups, sending out friend request. That means no promoting your business, no nothing they take away your privileges. If you’re someone who is wanting to build a business using Facebook, then this training is going to be right up your alley. Check it out and learn how to stay out the slammer. Click Here!

Why Use Facebook Likes Ads

Ok, so the other day I was going through some training in my back office of the marketing system I use. Mark Harbert was doing the training. He is a video marketing rock star but he was teaching us why and how we should be using Facebook likes ads in our business. Now I have to admit I knew about like ads but never really put them to use in my business but I did as soon as I went through the webinar. So far I’ve gotten some great results. I’m getting more likes on my page every single day. I wanted to share some tips I got from the training so that you can start to use them as well.

A Facebook-like ads is basically where you are getting people to like your fanpage through paid advertising. This helps build your audience. The cool thing that you can do is run specific ads to your audience as well. I won’t get into the details of that but you can check out some training that dives a little deeper into it by going here.

Before you can start using paid advertising like facebook likes ads, make sure you have a fanpage setup. You can’t run ads under your personal account. If you are serious about building your business you want a fanpage. A few suggestions when setting it up. Have a nice banner or header on your page. If you’re not that creative head on over to and have someone do it for you. Check out my fanpage for an example. Make sure you give my page a like while you’re there!

If you are serious about getting better with your Facebook marketing here are some additional resources that will help you out:

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Check out the video below where I share some facebook likes ads tips that will help you grow your audience and get more people to your website and content.

These are just a few of the tips that I pulled from this training. Like I mentioned in the video if you want to full training make sure you grab your trial here and it will be in your back office. The main goal of running these like ads is to increase your exposure and to build up your audience. Learning these types of skills is how you grow as a marketer. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone, invest in yourself and be willing to take action. I hope these tips helps!

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