Best Ways To Generate Leads Online

If you don’t have leads coming in, you are going to have a tough time staying in ways to generate leads

Today I’m going to share some of the very best ways to generate leads online.

How Would This Feel

How would it feel to actually have people ask you about your buisness? When I got started in network marketing several years ago I didn’t know anything about lead generation or even what a lead was much less having someone actaully ask me about my business. You can actually have this happen. Check out this training where a guy who was in personel foreclosure and running from bill collectors was able to dig himself out by going out and getting 50 leads a day. Check out his prospecting tricks in this training by clicking here!

Have The Right Mindset

When you are just starting out you might be thinking well who the heck would listen to me? That is exactly how I used to feel. Once I understood this one thing, things started to change and it was not out here to teach all the guru’s on the internet. I should be teaching the day one verson of me.

If you’ve read a book, read a blog such as this one or attended a webinar for some training you already know more than most people. All you have to do share what you are learning. Now you might also be thinking to yourself that you have already heard about it or someone has already done some content on your topic but here is the major diffference. YOU haven’t done it, you have your own personality, your own voice. That’s what will separate you from everyone else.

Here is another example, think back when you were in school, there were multiple teachers teaching the same subject but the difference is the way the delivered the material. That applies to creating content as well. It’s about putting your own spin and personality on it.

Here is an training that will teach you how to talk to your leads once you generate them. Mlm Tips: How To Talk To Your Leads

In the video below I share my best ways to generate leads online.

Video: Best Ways To Generate Leads Online

Don’t let the samething I talked about in the video stop you from moving forward and creating content so you can start generating leads for your business! Share this around if you get some value from it.

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10 thoughts on “Best Ways To Generate Leads Online”

  1. Being yourself is so important and recognizing YOU Have value is what attracts people to you.

    I remember Diane Hochman giving me a HUGE compliment a few weeks ago, when she said “it’s so fun to see you create content and speak using YOUR voice rather than spitting out info from the gurus.”

    Dr. Lisa

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