Mlm Tips: Number One Tool For Building Positive Relationships

mlm-tips-building-relationshipsBuilding real positive relationships with people is a skill that is needed and can be easily learned if you want to build a solid network marketing business.

The MLM tips in this training will teach you about the number one tool for building those relationships!

MLM Tips I Wished I Had Known

When I first got started in network marketing I thought I had found the best company in the world. I was going to build an empire and live the rest of my life on a beach somewhere collecting checks. Well needless to say that didn’t happen and a few years later that company was shut down and the team and income that I had built went away. Not to long after I turned to the internet thinking there had to be a better way to build a business. I stumbled across a system that taught me how to market online, brand myself and earn an income from people who said no to my business. You can check out the exact system I’m talking about by Clicking Here! 

People Signing Up Left and Right

Going back to when I first got started in network marketing. I didn’t fully understand the importance or how powerful relationships could be until someone who had major influence was recruited onto our team. He was signing people up left and right and it was all because of who he was and the relationship he had with those people. When you have an established relationship and those people respect your opinion it can be a lot easier to get them to take a look or even join you in whatever business you are doing.

But if you’ve been in several different companies and have pitched them everything under the sun it’s going to be a little bit different. They more than likely are going to be immune to your pitch. If you are in this situation it’s ok not all is lost. Instead of leading with the business you could lead with your product instead. This can be a bit of different approach and may take them off guard because they are expecting you to pitch them on your deal. Talk about the benefits of your product and how it can maybe help them.

Why Building Relationships Is Important

People join people and not businesses. That is why it’s important that you learn the skills needed to build relationships with people. You could have the best product best comp plan or whatever that is not going to make someone signup. Think about it, if this were true then everyone on social media posting about how great their business is would be signing up people left and right. We all would be rich! But that’s not how it works. This is why learning how to market is so important. This gives people a chance to get to know you through your content. If you want to learn how to brand yourself and have people reaching out to you check out my free MLM marketing boot camp that will teach you exactly how to do it.

Here is another resources that will help with building those relationships with people:

Mlm Recruiting Secrets: Why Knowing Personality Color Is Important

You should focus on building a relationship with people and finding out if they are even open to taking a look at a business. That doesn’t mean during your first conversation you are sending them a presentation but instead, you should ask them questions. In the video below I share the two types of questions that you should use and the number one tool that will help you with your relationship efforts.

Did those MLM tips help you out? If you get better at asking questions you can get your prospects to tell you meaningful information that will let you know if they are even a good fit for your business or not.
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8 thoughts on “Mlm Tips: Number One Tool For Building Positive Relationships”

  1. Hey Dereco,

    Many people think they aren’t “a people person” and they can’t connect with people. I like the fact you said it was a skill and one that needs to be developed.

    We have to be willing to learn how to market.

    Great post. 🙂

  2. Building a relationship with your prospects is very important. You’ve got to ask questions to find out if your product or service is a solution to their problem. People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care.

  3. Awesome post!

    Sometimes we gotta go slow to go fast when building relationships.

    It may seem that nothing is working, then all of a sudden you get 3-5 signups in one day because you took the time earlier to build the relationship

    Dr. Lisa

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