3 Facebook Marketing Tips To Help You In Your Business

Facebook can be an awesome platform if used properly but most people miss the boat big time when trying to market their business on this social media site. They forget the social part when it comes down to their Facebook marketing efforts and in turn they shrink their audience and turn potential business partners and customers off. People join people not businesses. That’s why these 3 Facebook Marketing tips I share with you are so important.Facebook Marketing Tips

If you are guilty of any of these 3 don’t feel bad everyone has made these mistakes when starting out. You can start to implement these 3 Facebook marketing tips right away to help you get more results in your business. So let’s get right into them:

Here Are My 3 Tips to Help You With Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Tip 1 – Make sure your profile is setup properly.
A proper profile should have a descent picture of YOU as the main picture. Your banner could be anything from an awesome picture of your family or maybe a place you visited before. The point is your profile should be all about you and NOT your company.

Facebook Marketing Tip 2 – Stop sending unsolicited messages and links
You must build some type of relationship with the person, genuinely be interested in getting to know that person and find out what the are struggling or having problems with in their business. The only time a link should be sent is if the person you are connecting with has asked you for it and should not be sent as the first message when you first meet them.

Facebook Marketing Tip 3 – Don’t use automated tools
Facebook is a social site? Most people miss the social part by using automated tools to post on their behalf. Take the time and effort to engage with your audience and really get to know them. You never know you just might gain a new friend or business partner!

Facebook can be a big asset to anyone’s business but only if used in the proper way.  Using these 3 Facebook Marketing tips I just shared can help put you on the path to success.

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