MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Close The Deal

Are you struggling with what to say to your mlm prospects to close the deal?

In today’s blog post I’m going to give you 3 questions you can use to help you get more signups.

The mlm prospecting tips that I share below can be used anytime during your conversation. You can then use their answers to help them to make a decision. So for example suppose you are talking with John, the closing conversation could go something like this:

John: I just don’t have the time to do this business.

You: We’ll John earlier you told me you were looking to find a way to bring your wife home from her job. If you don’t join what other options do you have at this point to accomplish this goal?

Now keep in mind you don’t want to come off as arrogant or rude but you are just giving them what I like to call tough love. This is just one example on how you can use these questions to help you close the deal with your prospects.

Training: 3 MLM Prospecting Tips On How To Close The DealMLM Prospecting Tips

Here are 3 questions you can use to help you get your prospect to a decision.

1. Ask them why they are even open to doing a home based business?
This is a good question to ask because when done right you can find out that person’s “why”. Are they doing it to get out of debt? Maybe they would like to bring a loved one home from their 9-5.

2. Ask them what their perfect life would be like.
You have to get them to paint a picture for themselves. Get them to tell you what their life would be like if money were no object and they had all the time freedom in the world.

3. What has recently changed?
This is good question to ask them because sometimes events happen in peoples lives that makes them open to a home based business whether it is a loss of a job or just wanting to get out of debt.

A lot of mlm companies only teach their people how to invite and not how to close the sale. So in my opinion this is one of the reason’s why so many people struggle with getting people into their business. Hopefully these 3 questions I just shared will help you close more people into your business.

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  1. Hi Dereco, I’ve worked with a lot of Direct Sales leaders and I was once one myself – you are absolutely correct – teaching the close was – do you want this and how many ๐Ÿ™‚ Great points and tips!

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