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Are you struggling with connecting with people on Facebook?

If so today’s video might help you out as I share a Facebook marketing tip to help you in your business.

Should You Even Look At Their Profile For Your Facebook Marketing?

Most marketers that are just getting started think facebook marketing is going to someone’s profile who they think looks like a good prospect and sending them an unsolicited link in the their very first interaction with the person. Do you Facebook marketing tipthink people would be more responsive if you found some common ground to strike up a genuine conversation with them? Just buy finding something you both have in common tells the other person you at least took the time to look at their profile. Most marketers are thinking in their head how can they make sale when they should be coming from a place of service and not sales.

When Should You Pitch Them Your Opportunity?

Once you have found some common ground with your prospect you should be qualifying them to see if what you have to offer would be a fit for them. Maybe they are not happy in their current job so the business side of your opportunity might be a good fit for them. Maybe your in the health and wellness niche and they are having back pains and your patch does a great job at getting rid of pains like that. The point I’m trying to make is you have to talk to people first before you just go pitching your business to someone without finding out if they are even a fit. for what you have to offer.

Training Video on Facebook Marketing Tip

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10 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing Tip”

  1. Good tip. I only time I pitch anything to anyone I’ve met on Facebook is when they ask me if I know how to do this or if I recommend that, otherwise I just like to see what others are doing online and how I can incorporate it into my business. Of course, I also share my article posts 🙂

  2. Hey Dereco,

    Excellent tip! When I was in network marketing I use to try to pitch people from the get go and it was done in return LOL.. you know what they say, like attracts like, and if anyone is pitching without building some type of rapport, then more than likely they’re going to fall flat.

    I would say that one should concentrate 80% on the relationship for most of the time, and then 20% on the business. When you can engage people as far as friendship and value, you wouldn’t have to “pitch” people.

    Thanks for the share Dereco! Have a great rest of the week!

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