2 thoughts on “Five MLM Facebook Posts To Get People To Reach Out To You”

  1. Hi Dereco !
    Had enjoyed your video on Five MLM Facebook Posts .
    Yes you made very short and succinct as it should be.
    I have a suggestion. If somebody wants to go more in detail say point no.1 Engaging and attention grabbing attention of a totally stranger is all about selecting a point of interest to that person-right!
    You can make a video dealing in more details.
    Most important topics like people come to FB for sharing and caring .Telling others about something interesting.
    Health and fitness, Events and personal milestones, personal stories etc. Elaborate on these points show examples of interesting model posts.
    Then asking the people to come back for more on other points or make big 2000 words blog post.
    This is my reaction to your video.

    1. You made a very good point Rangan, you need to find what interest your prospect. Find out their pain point, their goals, and dreams. Then provide a solution to those goals and dreams.

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