Free Vs Paid Mlm Training?

Should you pay for your mlm training or go the free route?

If you are are on the fence about paying for mlm training or doing everything for free, this blog post should help you out.mlm training

There is a lot of free mlm training that’s available online. As a matter of fact, I give away free training frequently right here on my blog. As with anything free, there may be downsides. Here are two questions to consider when deciding if you should pay for mlm training or just go the free route for all your coaching and development.

1. How much time is this going to cost me?
Time is much more valuable than money. You may be asking yourself, “Why is he saying that?” when the end result should be making a profit. Time is irreplaceable; money is not. Once time is gone you can never get that back, money can always be replaced.

2. What type of person are you trying to attract?
If you are constantly trying to get everything for free then it’s going to show in your marketing efforts. Ultimately, that is who you will attract.

Now I am not saying free training is bad but if you are looking to increase your results or shorten your learning curve then I highly suggest that you invest in yourself.

Where To Go For Mlm Training?

Find someone that has the results that you want and a style of training that you can relate to. After you have connected with a mentor, watch and study them. Listen to their pieces of training and posts like these to gain insight on what products they are using and the results they achieve. Not only will you be able to duplicate the results, you will also have the knowledge to share with others. On my “Recommended” page, you will find tools and courses that I am currently using in my business.

Once you do watch and learn what they do and if they suggest certain tools and training they think can help you in their business you should pay attention because more than likely they are using the products and getting the results. On my recommends page, everything that is on there I am currently using in my business so I can recommend those products to people. Another benefit of purchased training it gives you content you can share with your audience, you are sharing what you are learning right?

Look at it this way; would you prefer someone representing you in court who has had no formal education or someone who has acquired the proper certification to become an attorney? The same principle applies to someone looking for mlm training. You need someone with the proper training, skills, and success to help you achieve your goals.

Free training is a great start to get you going with your marketing. However, if you want a crystal clear picture of what and how you should be doing things; then paid training will get you where you want to be much faster.

Video: Free Vs Paid Mlm Training

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