MLM Success Tips: Why You Should Brand Yourself

When you are marketing your business are you leading with your product or the compensation plan?

In today’s video blog I’m going to tell you why that might not be such a good idea.mlm success tips

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MLM Success Tips | So What Is The Difference?

So you have two people that are part of the same company selling the exact product, exact compensation plan yet one rep is successful and the other person falls flat on their face? So what’s the difference? You might be surprised at this answer but YOU are the difference. In the video below I talk about why people join businesses. People do business with people they like know and trust. But people seem to think that screaming join me or this is a ground floor opportunity is going to get people to join them.

You get people to join you by you getting better. What do I mean by getting better? Well that comes from continuously increasing your skill set through courses, books and other various training methods. This is how you increase your value and can offer more to your prospect. When you are talking to your prospect they are thinking can this person help me achieve my goals in this business. If the answer is no then there is a low chance of that person joining you but if their perception of you is high and they think that you can then getting them to sign up will be a lot easier.

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 Video: MLM Success Tips | Why You Should Brand Yourself

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