4 Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs Secrets You Never Knew

Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs 2

How serious are you about hitting your goals in your business?

This video blog will share 4 goal setting for entrepreneurs secrets you probably don’t know about.

Are You Telling Stories?

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Goal Setting For Entrepreneurs

Setting goals is a big part of being an entrepreneur. But are you setting your goals the right way? I see far to often people set goals that are way to short and that can lead to disappointment. Let me explain. We all would like to hit all the goals that we set for ourselves but the reality is sometimes we don’t and that’s ok. When you set your goals to low it can hurt you. If you set a goal of making 10k per month you’re have to put in the work to achieve it.

Now let me ask you this, would you rather come up short on wanting to make 10k per month or 500 dollars per month? See the importance of setting your goals high? Don’t sell yourself short. Set those goals high, go out there and do the work and if you fall a little short you will still have achieved amazing results. See how that works?

Don’t sell yourself short, set your goals high. Over time as you start to achieve them they will change. When I first started a goal of mine was to make my very first sale but now that I look back I was thinking way to small. That goal should have been to make 100 sales in a day. Don’t make the same mistake as I did and set them to low. Aim high!

In the video I share some tips that will help you with your goal setting. I’m always working on my mindset and investing in myself with books. I picked up and got these tips from Grant Cardone’s book The 10x rule. I’m going to cover five things you need to ask yourself before you write any goal down. Do what I suggest and you will know exactly what it will take to accomplish ANY goal that you set.

In addition to the video below here is another resource that will help you out:

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Video: 4 Secrets To Entrepreneur Goals

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