Four Parts To Effective Video Marketing

effective video marketing

If you really want to kick your online business up a notch then you have to be doing videos.

In today’s post, you’re going to learn a simple four-step process to effective video marketing.

Build Your MLM Using The Internet

When I first got started online a few short years ago, I had no clue of what I was doing but I knew the internet was how I could get in front of more people. Building an MLM business requires you to do one thing and that is getting more people in front of your company presentation. If you want to build your business using the internet you might want to check out this free training. Click here to gain immediate access.

Some Key Tips To Effective Video Marketing

Most people think they need more traffic to their website, while this is true you do need traffic to generate leads and sales but before you get traffic you need to have a way to capture that traffic. You need to have a capture page setup. A capture page is simply a form where someone can enter their name and email and get on your marketing list. If you are just getting started Aweber is a great low-cost service to use if you are just starting out. This is also your auto responder service, which allows you to send emails out to many people at one time. If just don’t have the budget for this service yet, then make sure you check out my video below, where I share what you can do instead.

In The Beginning

Let me warn you, in the very beginning your videos are going to suck. A few months down the road you will be able to look back and see how far you have come IF you stay consistent and keep working at it.

The more videos you make the easier they will become.

Whenever you start something new it’s always hard at first but you have to get started to get better. Keep your videos short, 2-3 minutes. People have short attention spans so you want to give them what they want quickly.

More Video Marketing Strategies

If you are just starting out don’t go out and spend any money on fancy equipment such as cameras and lighting. Instead, use that money to further your education with marketing with courses and additional training. When you start to make consistent money in your business then you can think about upgrading your equipment. My very first video was shot on a blackberry smartphone, it didn’t even have a front facing camera and as of this blog post, I’m still using my iPhone to record all my videos. The content you share is all that matters not what you record it on. Any smartphone will do the trick, you just need to turn it on and to recording.

Here is a lighting tip for you, when you are recording make sure you are facing the sunlight and it’s not behind you. If it is your face might come out to dark for people to see it.

Check out these additional video marketing tips that I put together.

Three Leading Video Marketing Benefits

How to Generate MLM Leads Online with Video

Video: Four Parts To Effective Video Marketing

Video Marketing Secrets

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  1. “Ask a question that tells them what the video is going to be about.”

    Beautiful. It’s called “anticipatory set” in education. It’s also called SMART in marketing.

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