How To Talk To Your MLM Leads On The Phone

How To Talk To Your MLM Leads On The Phone

If you can’t get people enrolled in your company as distributors or customers, you’re going to have a very hard time building a business. You must be confident whether talking to someone in person or on the phone.

In this video blog post, I’m going to show you how to get over your fear of the phone and exactly things you should say.

You don’t need to have some super skill to be a good closer on the phone. When talking to your MLM leads on the phone the key to it is to figure out what they want or need in their life and use your product or service to fill that need or show them how it can help them achieve their goals.  You do this by asking the right questions and getting them to open up to you about them. When you get good on the phone you can share those skills with your teammates and help them do the same thing.

The Best Way To Generate Network Marketing Leads Online

In my opinion, the best way to generate leads online for your network marketing business is with blogging. Yes, using social media to prospect will get you a lot faster results but nothing beats blogging and here’s why,

When you publish a blog post it stays out there forever working for you around the clock. I get leads and sales from blog post I wrote years ago.

Every time I publish a blog post it’s like throwing a fish hook into the water.

With social media you have to show up each and every day to prospect people or do Facebook lives (which aren’t searchable), to keep your business moving forward.

I don’t know about you but part of the reason I wanted to build a home based business online was for time freedom. Not to be stuck to my computer all day.

Now I’m not saying using social media you’ll be at your computer all day but you will have to show up and put in the work daily.

The perfect combination, if you are just getting started, would be to do your prospecting on social media and piece of content such as a blog post a few times per week.

And if you stay consistent long enough what will end up happening is you’ll have more leads than you have time. Then you can make prospecting optional.

But make no mistake, prospecting in the fastest most effective way to build your network marketing business in the beginning.

Should You Buy Leads?

There’s nothing wrong with buying leads, in fact, if you want to get really good on the phone, calling up cold leads will whip you right into shape.

Keep this in mind if you do decide to buy your leads.

Self-generated leads are of higher quality, they’ve already been exposed to you through your content. So they know you to some extent, or they have at least seen your name or face. With bought leads, they have no clue of who you are and half the time they don’t even know how you got their phone number.

A Different Way To Think About MLM Prospecting

A mindset shift I had to do was instead of trying to convince my prospects why they should join my business I had to start thinking differently. Here’s what you do, start thinking like you’re the one interviewing them to see if their dreams and goals qualify for your time.

And let’s not throw in if they were a lead that you generated online, think about that for a second they reached out to you, you didn’t chase them down. That automatically puts you in a position of authority. Your prospect already sees you as the expert.

I generate leads on a daily basis and I still get people who are flat out rude to me. I’ll call them back and when they pick up the phone their immediately defensive. They’ll say things like, “What’s this all about?” or “I don’t remember putting in my information on a website.”

If someone is rude or mean, I usually spend zero amount of time trying to talk to that person. Those are not the types of people I want to be around.

If you stay in this business long enough you’ll come across some leads like that too but don’t worry it comes with the territory. Now I don’t pay any that stuff any attention, I just disqualify them, thank them for their time and move on to the next person.

When you’re generating 10-20 leads per day if one person says no, it won’t matter since you’ll have 19 more people to talk too. Making money online and building your network marketing business becomes a lot easier when you have an abundance of leads hitting your inbox on a daily basis.

How To Get Those Digits

I learned this strategy from a training on Ray Higdon’s blog. His wife shared a strategy on how she gets her prospects phone numbers from social media.

This is a little backwards thinking but it looks very effective,

After you’ve prospected them and built up some rapport with that person and you know they are interested in taking a look at your business opportunity.

Say something like “Hey, here’s my phone number when you have a few seconds to chat.” Now just be aware that prospect will never call you or reach out.

Then you tell them to give you their phone number so you’ll know it’s them calling. Say something like, “Shoot me your number so I’ll know it’s you calling.”

But instead of you waiting on your prospect to call, which they never will, you pick up the phone and call them. You can say something like, “Hey, I was carrying some groceries in the house and missed several calls and I didn’t have your number saved yet. But while we are on the phone got a few seconds to chat?”

I haven’t personally used this strategy yet but I’m going to start.

What I’ve been doing up until this point is just asking prospects, “Do you have a few seconds to jump on the phone for a quick call?”

And for the most part, people will give you their phone number if you didn’t come off all creepy and spammy during your conversation.

How Many Voicemails Should You Leave?

I’d say the max is three voicemails. Anything more and in my opinion you’ll be coming off as desperate. First voicemail could say, “Hey, just giving you a call at our scheduled time, hope everything is all right, give me a call back when you can.”

Wait at least 24 hours then call back again. If no answer leave this message, “Hey, don’t know if you got my first message from yesterday, hope all is well. Give me a call back when you can at (insert your phone number).”  

If you still haven’t heard back in 48 hours after the second message, call back and say, “Hey, I’ve left you a couple of messages and have not heard anything back. I’m going to assume what we talked about is not fit for you, so I’m going to go ahead and mark you off my list. I won’t ever bother you again. Take care.”

When you tell someone you’re marking them off your list, they’ll hate that and there’s a good chance they’ll call you back from your third and final voicemail.

How To Talk To Your MLM Leads On The Phone

Take yourself out of the picture, here is what I mean. Most network marketers when talking to people make the conversation all about themselves. People don’t care about helping you hit a new rank, they don’t care if your opportunity is “ground floor”, they don’t care if your product has 100 special ingredients. None of that. All they care about is how can it solve their problems and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

If someone doesn’t have have a need or want then I would suggest not to recruit them. Why try and force something on someone they don’t need.

Imagine you live in California going to buy a car but the salesman is trying to sell you a 4×4 pickup truck so you can drive in the snow. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Now if you lived in Utah where is snowed a lot more, a 4×4 pickup truck would make more sense.

Believe it or not, you shouldn’t try and close everyone into your business. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit.

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What’s The First Thing You Should Say

You want to have an ice breaker when you call your leads back. What I’ve found is using their area code and leading with that is a great way to start off the conversation.

So before I dial my leads number, the first thing I do is checked the area code I’m calling.  I’ll then look it up to see what time zone and state they are in. I’ll call them up and say, “Hey, (Insert name). I see you’re calling from the 336 area code. You’re in North Carolina right?”

Ask Better Questions

If you ever get stuck or don’t know what to do next while you’re on the phone with a prospect, ask another question. When you get good at asking questions you’ll get better answers out of your prospects.

Now don’t go into your conversation with your questions blazing out the gate, instead build up a little trust by having some small talk. I my video I share a simple conversation opener that will work everytime that you can use.

How would you feel if you met someone new and they started asking you a ton of questions immediatly? I would probably be a little weirded out.

  1. what’s recently changed that has you open to looking at a side project?
  2. You told me you wanted more time freedom, how serious were you about that?
  3. Do you have a long term plan? If they don’t have a plan show them one!

These are just a handful of questions that you can ask during the conversation. I have a PDF full of network marketing prospeting questions I’ll be realising real soon. Make sure you subscribe here on my blog so you’ll be notified as soon as it’s released.

[Video]Step Up Your Phone Game With These Tips


It does not matter if they are bought leads or self generated leads (Higher Quality), when talking to prospects the better questions you ask the better answers you’ll get. When someone tells you they want to start a home based business just because they want to make more money, you need to dig a little deeper and find out what exactly they will do with that money.

Remember you are a problem solver. You must ask questions to find out the problems your prospects are having to provide solutions to those problems. Leave the sales breath at home, and focus on being genuily interested in the people you talk to and you’ll find you get much better results in your business.

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