How To Start Making Money Online (A Helpful Beginners Guide)

How To Start Making Money Online

Do you want to know how you can start making money online?

Here is a beginners guide I put together that will show you exactly how you can use the internet to put more coins in your bank account.

Starting your own home-based business will cost you a lot less than starting a traditional brick and mortar one and you have way less risk. Here are some things you can do to start making money online.  I recommend building a network marketing business, online coaching, creating your own product, and affiliate marketing. I’ve used all of these strategies and made money except for creating my own product, which I have on my road map to do very soon.

How To Start Making Money Online

I get it, you want to use the internet to make money. Work from anywhere in the world with money just showing up in your bank account. I’ll admit, at first I kinda thought like that too but I quickly learned making money online doesn’t work that way.

So how does making money online work? The biggest key to making money online is you putting in the work. No one is going to do it for you, no system or person. It all falls on your shoulders.

There are a lot of different ways to earn money online, I can’t teach them all because I haven’t done them all. But I can and will share with you what has worked for me so far.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is not for everyone. People don’t dislike network marketing, people dislike network marketers. They are the ones who help give this profession a bad name or rather the way they go about promoting their business. But overall you won’t find a better business model out here in my opinion.

The low cost to get started, low risk, a proven system you can plug into. All of that plus the passive income you can make from MLM makes this profession very attractive and you can start this business part-time.

Network marketing is what brought me to the internet a few years ago. I had just joined a business and ran out of people to talk too. I knew about the internet I just didn’t know how to use it to build my business. I eventually found out about attraction marketing, that’s where you have people reaching out to you instead of you chasing them down.

At first, I was like no way, it challenged everything I had been taught up until that point. I thought the only way to build a network marketing business was to go out and talk to people. While that’s still true, you can leverage the internet where you have people wanting to talk to you about your business.

Here are some tips that will help you with building a network marketing business online.

  • Always lead with value, educate people. What problem can you solve?
  • Never mention your company name or product on any of your social media profiles.  No sign-up links either.
  • Always maintain your posture. Operate your business like you are already making six-figures a year. You don’t need any one person to build your business.
  • Work on yourself just as hard as you work on your business. Do something to grow or enhance your skills daily.
  • Invest in coaching, additional training, and courses and attend events to grow your skill set.

Online Coaching

If you would have told me I would have my own coaching business a short while ago I would have thought you were crazy. But here I am, yup my own coaching business.

Here’s what I learned about starting your own coaching business. No matter what your results are you can be a coach.

You don’t need an impressive resume or any of that, all you need is a result or a skill.

Maybe you’re good with videos, you could offer video coaching services. Or maybe you’re good with technology and can set up WordPress blogs. You could offer coaching or your services for any of those things and the list goes on and on.

Take myself as an example, I can’t coach you on how to make a million dollars per year as I haven’t made that yet. But I can coach you on how to generate your first lead and your first sale online, I can show you to make your first $100 dollars or even your first $1000 dollars.

In my top online coaching package, you get some serious hand-holding and unlimited access to me. I help you with everything from your content creation, setting up and optimizing your blog for SEO, to a customized daily routine that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Like I said no matter where you’re at in your business even if you have gotten the smallest result, you can teach or coach someone to do the same thing.

Even if you haven’t had massive results you can still offer coaching. Even with the smallest results which might not seem big to you but imagine if you help someone generate their first lead or that very first sale.

Online coaching is a great way to make money using the internet. It doesn’t take much to get it set up and going. If you would like some more details on my coaching program feel free to reach out to me and let me know.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing by far is the easiest and fastest way to start earning money online. Affiliate marketing is when someone buys a product or service through a web link that is assigned to you, and you earn a percentage of that sale.

The pros of affiliate marketing are, you don’t have to come up with a product, you don’t have to worry about payments, you won’t need to handle any customer service issues, and you don’t have to worry about shipping or providing the product. The company takes care of all of that.

It’s really just as simple as pointing people to a link, they buy and you get paid.

The cons would be all of the opposites I just mentioned above. All of that falls on your shoulders.

Here are some tips to get you started with affiliate marketing.

  • Make sure you at least own the product or have used the service you’re recommending at some point.
  • Make sure it fits your target audience. Don’t try to sell dog food and your blog is all about cats.

You can get started with affiliate marketing without a website. All you need is your cell phone. Start doing reviews of products and services and in the description of your video, you would put a link to where someone could purchase the product you were talking about in your video.

You would need to do some basic keyword research so your video would get found but that’s about it. Keyword research is searching for words or phrases that other people are searching for on the internet. When they type in that question you want your video to show up.

Create Your Own Product

Unlike affiliate marketing when you create your own product you get to keep 100% of the money. There are some things you need to be aware of, you’ll have to first come up with a product, figure out how you’re going to accept payments, handle all of the customer services issues, such as refunds etc.

With creating your own product, you just put all of your knowledge in a particular subject and package it up and boom you have your very own product. You can make a pdf, come up with an online course, heck you can even record an audio course and sell it.

I wouldn’t suggest you go down this path if you’re just getting started. Creating your own product can come later on down the line once you’ve grown a skill set and gotten some results.

Start A Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on a very specific topic or group of people. My blog is all about network marketing. So that means anyone who lands on my blog will immediately know what it’s about. If they are not interested in network marketing they will click off my site.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your blog up and running. You only need hosting, install the WordPress application, install a theme, and start creating content.

That’s really about all there is to it. There are a few more details you’ll want to consider like how will you capture peoples names and email addresses but you don’t even have to worry about that in the beginning. Just have a good call to action in your content.

You can make money through your niche blog through all the ways I just mentioned in this article, affiliate marketing, coaching, your own products and recruiting people into a network marketing business.

The Next Step To Getting Started

So I’ve talked about the things you can do to make money online, now you’re probably wondering what you should do next.

My suggestion is to pick a path and stick with it.

If you decide to do affiliate marketing to make money online, all you need is a product or service, the video camera on your cellphone and start recording reviews and upload them to youtube or do Facebook lives.

I got started with a marketing system that I still use to this day. It has taught me the fundamentals of online marketing.

You can learn how to generate leads and make sales for any business you want to build and earn a monthly recurring commission from the people you refer over to it. It’s not an MLM just an education platform that anyone can use to build any business online.

[Video] How To Make Money Online For Beginners


The internet is not a get rich thing. You’ll need to pick a strategy and get to work and it won’t happen overnight.

Don’t get caught up with marketers who promise you all this money with doing very little work. I can tell you from experience it takes a ton of work but it’s worth it.

Start with some affiliate marketing first and work your way into other things that I mentioned.

The best piece of advice I can give you is just get started and don’t quit. Making money online works, but only if you work.

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