List Of Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Have

If you are just getting started with marketing online, there are a core set of things that are going to be required when you get started.List Of Marketing Tools

So in today’s training, I’m going to share my list of marketing tools you should have to get the best results.

Learn How You Can Dominate Twitter

Twitter is a fast past social media platform. I’ll have to admit; I held off from utilizing it in my marketing efforts because at the time I didn’t understand how it worked. That all changed once I went through some training and implemented what I learned. Now my twitter is on pretty much auto pilot. As a result, I have increased traffic to my blog, and I get a consistent lead flow and sales. If you want to check out the specific FREE training so you can do the same, then click here!

Why You Need This List Of Marketing Tools

If you were a barber that cut’s hair for a living your hair clippers and scissors would be the tools, you would use to get the job done. No matter what profession you decide to do, you are going to need tools to help you. This also applies to being an entrepreneur. You are going to need a core set of tools to help you along this path. When I first got started with marketing online back in 2009, the only tool I had at the time was this marketing system.

I started out not knowing how marketing worked and still to this day I’m learning more and more as I continue along this journey.

One of the things that really helped me along this path was realizing investing into myself was the best thing I could do but also investing into tools that would make running an online business more efficient and tools that would allow me to continue to grow as a marketer by increasing my skill set.

If you were running a traditional business, you would have to purchase tools to keep the doors open. It goes back to the old saying it takes money to make money. Expecting to get something out of nothing will put you on the fast track of going out of business fast.

What I Use To Run My Business

Good marketing tools won’t do the work for you. For example, I use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) in my business. It helps me keep track of conversations and emails that I’ve sent out to my leads, does it put leads in there for me? No, it won’t I still have to go out to do the work to generate those leads, but I use it as a tool to help me along. I have my blog through

I have my blog through goddaddy, and I use Aweber to capture my leads and to send out emails. These are just a few of the very basic things you will need. In the video below towards the end, you’ll learn how you can get all this in one place.

{Video} Web Marketing Tools

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Investing in tools and training is an essential part if you want to build a successful business online. What once worked today might not be the same in the future. The tools I shared in the video will work today and well into the future. If this post helped you do me a favor or you know someone who should read this, feel free to share it!

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14 thoughts on “List Of Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Have”

  1. Well said, Dereco! My blog has been my home base for over ten years. It’s built some incredible relationships with people who have been willing to follow. Of course that happened because I allowed my skills to grow at the same time. Thanks for a great piece.

  2. Hi Dereco,

    Nice tools! My WordPress blog is my fave tool. Awesome for sharing value, for building friendships and for having fun. Tweet Deck, SocialOomph and Hootsuite are 3 more faves on the social media side. Tools are way cool when you use ’em to build bonds with your audience. Thanks for sharing!


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