Mlm Prospecting Tips:Married Network Marketer Questions

Mlm-Prospecting-TipsEver wonder how you can help someone that’s already in a network marketing company?

Check out these mlm prospecting tips that will teach you the questions you should ask the “married” network marketer.

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Mlm Prospecting Tips When They Say No

Here is something you might not know but not everyone is going to be interested in joining your network marketing company. No matter how awesome you think it is. Especially when you are generating leads online. In fact most people are going to say no to it. It’s a numbers game. You’re going to a lot more no’s than you are yes’s.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still help people and make money even if they do say no. This is where having multiple things to offer comes into play. Now I’m not saying having two mlm companies but other things that support it. Like recommending products and services that will help them build their business. Using something like MLSP that teaches people how to generate leads online and brand themselves along side your mlm is a great combination in my opinion. Remember not everyone is going to join your business.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time in their life. Things could change on down the road where they are looking to do something different. That’s why you should never burn a bridge or waste a relationship. This is why building your marketing list is so important. This always you to stay in front of people and if something changes and they do start to look to join a mlm you are the first person that comes to their mind. I’ve had people that stayed on my list for several months before they bought something and some people have been on there even longer and has never joined me in anything and that’s ok. My blog is all about helping as many people as I can through free training and education.

If you didn’t see my blog post from the other day go check it out where I talked about the three different groups your prospects will fall into. In that post I talked about five steps that you can follow that will help you with your recruiting. It’s the exact same strategy that got me 3 exposures and a signup in my business as soon as I implemented it into my business.

Mlm Prospecting Tips: Five Steps To Better Recruiting

In the video below I share some effective mlm prospecting tips for prospecting and questions you should ask the “married network marketer.”

Video: Questions For Married Network Marketers

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14 thoughts on “Mlm Prospecting Tips:Married Network Marketer Questions”

  1. Great post Dereco! Some solid tips to put you in a position of someone who can help instead of just being someone pitching products and services. Such a great way to be able to reach out to those people who have no interest in your primary company, and still help them.

  2. Awesome post Dereco!

    Creating a eBook creates instant authority in the network marketing industry.
    Awesome way to get people to like you, know you, trust you! Value is king!

    Great prospecting tips as well! 🙂

  3. Arunkumar P Krishnan

    Great tips Dereco!

    I just joined a network marketing company 4 months back, so I fall into the “Dating” category. Was going smooth with sign-ups first 2 months, then nothing last 2 months. Suddenly I feel like jammed or stuck, not sure how to prospect. I don’t know what happened. It is like I forgot how to talk to a prospect. I will apply you tips, hope to get back on track.

    Thanks for sharing.

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