Mlm Prospecting Tips:Dating Network Marketer Questions



This post will teach you some mlm prospecting questions you can use for people who are just “dating” their network marketing.

Learning how to ask better questions will help increase the results you are getting in your business.

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Continued Mlm Prospecting Training

This video blog continues to dive into the five prospecting steps I discussed the other day. This is some training I learned from Mark Lalonde and it works. It works so we’ll that I’ve now implemented this method into my DMO (daily method of operation).

When you are prospecting you must put the needs of them before yours. That’s where so many people mess up the sales process. They think it’s all about them and making a quick buck. People can see right through this type of stuff. Come from a place of service. When I first get on the phone with a lead I like to always ask “how can I help you?” early in the conversation. This let’s your prospect know up front it’s all about them.

If you ask the right questions your prospects will usually tell you were they are struggling in their business. But you have to ask questions to know that. You won’t get to ask any if the first thing you do is send them your company link or start pitching them your business. Building that relationship is key. Some things you can do if you’re prospecting on social media is take a look at their profile and see what interest they have. Bring that up in your initial conversation.

Here is an example of how you can do that. “Hey (insert their name) I see you are a fan of the Chicago Bears, what did you think about that game the other day?” Now this is just an example of how you can start to build a relationship. Once the conversation gets started eventually it should lead up to asking them what they currently do for a living. Don’t ask that question if they have it available on their profile though. Look for opportunities during the course of the conversation to bring up what you do or what services you offer. Not pitch but to just bring up. You want to eventually get your prospect to tell you about the problem they are having. Once they do then you provide your product or service as the solution (if it solves their problem).

There are three key groups that people can fall into. Married, Dating and single. Knowing what group they fall into can help you better determine which way you should lead them. In the video below you will learn the questions to ask a prospect if they are considered “dating” their network marketing company.

Prospecting Tips For Dating Network Marketers

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No matter what group your prospects are in you can still help them either with your mlm company or a product or service. You just have to ask the right questions to find out what their needs are. Were those prospecting tips helpful? If it was make sure you leave a comment below. Feel free to share this around too!

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