5 Network Marketing Success Secrets Everybody Ought To Know

network marketing success secrets

This blog post shares five network marketing success secrets that I think every networker ought to know!

If you want success in your business, get your favorite way to take notes out and let’s dive into this post!

Network Marketing Strategies Made Simple

When I first got introduced to network marketing, I knew nothing about marketing or prospecting. What I did do, is kept inviting and showing the presentation to everyone I knew. Doing this helped me have some success in the company I was in at that time. Now looking back on how I approached building my business, I would have done a few things different.

For starters, I would have gotten better at asking people questions and seeing if they were at least open to taking a look. Finding out if they are at least open, helps big time when you are out here prospecting and recruiting. Prospecting is all about finding out who is at least open. I like to take it a step further and ask them why, why are they open. When they tell you why they are open, you can use that during the closing process. Here is how a conversation could go:

Always start the conversation with a genuine compliment.

Me: “That is a sharp suite that you have on, what do you do for a living?”

Them: “Oh, thanks! I currently work at the local bank here in town.”

Me: ” Very cool, I work with a few bankers now in my company, and we are looking to expand into this area. Just throwing it out there, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you have going on now?”

Them: ” Yea, I would be open to taking a look.”

Me: “Ok cool, but quick question, what has you open to take a look? Has something recently changed in your life?”

Them: “Well my wife has recently been laid off from work, and we need to make up her lost income to help pay the bills.”

This conversation was just a sample, but if you notice, I took it a step further and asked them why were they open. Most network marketers would have been excited just to get that initial yes. Don’t do that, go the extra mile and dig deep to find out why your prospect is open.

Check out this beginners guide to prospecting from some additional training.

Mlm Secrets To Online Success

If it is one thing that I can point to that has been the biggest impact during my online career, I would have to say it is having a system in place and learning how to brand myself online. Most network marketers have a very narrow vision when it comes to building their business. They think it is all about their company and how they have the greatest product in the world. The truth is, it’s not about your business or your product. Your business is you.

In addition to that being an entrepreneur, you want to have multiple streams of income flowing in. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and solely rely on your network marketing company. What if they decide to change up the compensation plan or get out of the direct selling business altogether? What do you think is going to happen to your income?

If you don’t have a system and having multiple streams of income interest you, then you might want to consider checking out the system that has allowed me to earn 1000’s of dollars outside of my network marketing company.  Click Here to check it out. This marketing system is where most of the guru’s that you see online got their start.

How Do You Succeed In Network Marketing Fast?

The fastest way to start making money and building your business is with active prospecting. This means you have to reach out and talk to someone. Prospecting can be done on or offline. Online Prospecting, in my opinion, is a lot easier. You already have all the information you need to start a conversation with someone. When you prospect offline you are starting with nothing; you don’t know their name, interest or anything.

Prospecting is the number one income-producing activity. Want more cash, open your mouth and start talking.

If you would like some help getting started with prospecting, check out this resource on cold market prospecting.

What Is Prospecting

Prospecting is you talking to an individual finding out if they are open to taking a look at your network marketing company. Most network marketers screw up prospecting big time, how? They immediately just throw up all over their prospect and by throw up I mean they say too much.

Instead of “throwing up” on your prospects there is a much better way. Use the FORM method, that stands for family, occupation, recreation, and money. While you are talking to them instead of pitching asking them about their family, what they do for a living and how it is going, do they have any vacations planned and how are they doing with their financial future.

You want to listen for areas that might be causing them stress. When you know these, then you can present them with a solution to their problem. You simply repeat back their areas of stress and ask them if they would be open to a solution to that problem they just told you about.

What Is Marketing

Here is the American Marketing Association definition of marketing.

network marketing strategies

Marketing is you putting something out there in the form of a video, blog post or Facebook status update and you hope that someone responds to it. You will get the best results from your marketing efforts you lead with education.

Network Marketing Strategies -Should You Focus On Learning Marketing Or Prospecting?

Marketing and prospecting are two different forms of marketing. Prospecting is active marketing while creating content such as videos and blog post are passive forms of marketing, where you hope someone responds to your content. I think you should do both, but there is a way you should approach each strategy.

When you are just starting out, prospecting is going to be your best bet. Like I mentioned above, the fastest way to start making money is you reaching out and talking to people.

Your marketing efforts will take time before you see any results, for example, it might take you several videos, or writing a lot of blog post before you get your first lead. While you are prospecting and building your team, you can do those videos, and keep writing those blog post to get better.

What ends up happening if you stay with it long enough, your marketing will outpace your prospecting efforts. You will have more people reaching out to you, and then prospecting can be an optional thing for you.

Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

If you want to virtually guarantee your success in network marketing stick to these two most important things and you can’t fail.

  1. Always stay a student – Nobody knows it all and the moment you start thinking you know everything is the moment you start going downhill. Attend all your company events if possible. Invest in yourself and further your education. I can say without a doubt investing into myself has made the biggest impact on my success online.
  2. Stay consistent – Look, life is going to get in the way. Your friends and family might not even support you. But you have to keep going. It’s a numbers game. If you talk to enough people, you will get better, and you will recruit some people.

If you stay a student and stay consistent, you can not fail in this industry. So often people are looking for the magic thing that will get them success, when it just boils down to putting in the work and making it happen and staying around positive, uplifting people who have what you want.

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Here Are My 5 Network Marketing Success Secrets

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