What Makes A Solid Entrepreneur Daily Schedule


Entrepreneur Daily ScheduleWould you like to know what is needed for a solid entrepreneur daily schedule for yourself?

Working on your business daily is a must, so in today’s training, I’m going to share three things that you MUST include to have any type of success with your online marketing efforts.

Want To Recruit Leaders?

Would you like to recruit quality people into your business? I’m sure your answer was yes. We all want those rocks stars on our team but how do you go about recruiting people like that? Well, this 20-year vet is about to show how to do it, EVEN if you are brand new and just getting started. This training is only for the serious network marketer, if that’s you then click here to get access to this training.

What You Should Do First

I was checking out a training the other day inside of the marketing system where I’m learning the skills needed to build a successful online business. They were talking about the daily activities you should be doing to build your business (I share three tips in the video below). But they touched on what you should have in place first:

What do you want? You need to figure out exactly what it is that you want. Is it money, leads, time freedom? Maybe you want to retire your parents early. I will be different for everyone but you need to figure out what the end goal is for you.

Why do you want it? If you want time freedom, what will you do with that freedom? How will you spend that time?

Do you have a Limiting Belief? This is a big one that holds a lot of people back. They have some type of limiting belief. They think they don’t know enough or they are not smart enough. Writing it down and having it in front of you will help you get over it. At some point

Who do you need to become to get what you want out of life? Figure out if you want to become a video marketing rock-star, or maybe you want to master Facebook marketing doesn’t matter figure it out and get busy. This also prevents you from having information overload because you’re focusing on just one thing and not all over the place.

Replace your belief system – Stop saying negative things about yourself. If you think you don’t know enough first stop saying and second do something about it! Go out and get educated.

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

All of these things you should have in place. They are going to come at a cost, though. So what are you willing to give up? Are you willing to give up a couple of hours of your TV time per week? Maybe you’re willing to give up going to  Friday night happy hour. The point is you’re going to have to give up something to get something. How bad do you want it? For me, I gave up watching a lot of TV. I would spend hours watching tv shows. I replaced that with reading and learning new skills.

I’m not saying I don’t watch TV at all but it’s nowhere near what it used to be. I had to give up something in order to get something. You have to do the same, what are you willing to give up? How bad do you want it?

Check out this training that will help you with your mindset:

Entrepreneur Mindset: The One Word You Must Adopt

How To Make Better Choices

In the video below you’re going to learn some tips on What Makes A Solid Entrepreneur Daily Schedule

Video: What Makes A Solid Entrepreneur Daily Schedule

Online Marketing System

Did that video help you? This is the type of on-going training that has helped me skyrocket my business. Investing in yourself will ALWAYS give you the best ROI (Return on Investment). If you got some value from this training feel free to share this around. Oh and make sure you drop me a comment below and let me what your daily routine looks like.

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