Why Do People Hate Network Marketing

Why Do People Hate Network Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself, why do people hate network marketing?

In this post, you’ll learn the main reason network marketing gets a bad name and what you can do to help change it.

Network marketing reps behavior is the main reason people hate MLM (mostly). Chasing and trying to convince people why they should join your deal or talking about why jobs suck all bring the profession down. Throw social media in there, with reps spamming their walls with “join my team” post and other shady non-marketing tactics and I can see why people get a bad taste about network marketing. There are have/been some shady MLM companies out there just like any other businesses. But they are all not pyramid schemes or scams. There are a ton of legit network marketing business that has been around for years, have you ever heard of Amyway or Mary Kay?

Why Network Marketing Is The Perfect Business Model

I don’t know of any other business that has such a low start-up cost. Not to mention low risk as well. You don’t have to worry about coming up with a product to sell or providing support.

You don’t have to worry about doing customer service or anything. That’s all handled by the company.  All you have to focus on is showing people the business plan.

You don’t have to pay employees or anything like that. Basically, you don’t have to worry about any of the hard stuff when it comes to opening and running a business.

With network marketing, you can get started with a couple of hundred bucks in most cases and you can make your money back the same day if you hustle hard enough.

Try opening a traditional business and see if you can get your investment back in one day. With most restaurant franchises it can take years before you make your investment back.

Not to mention the large sums of money that’s required to get started.

Who Should Do Network Marketing?

I think network marketing is good for anyone who would like to start a business but does not have a ton of money to do it. It’s also good for existing small business owners as it can open up an additional stream of income.

People in sales usually do well in Network Marketing. Most people in sales already have thick skin and know what it takes to do well in sales. So if you know a someone in sales, make sure you prospect them.

Anyone who wants to bounce from their job. If you ever want to leave your job then you’ll need to replace that income. With network marketing, you can start part-time as most people do.

These are just a few suggestions on who I think should do MLM but it’s really the perfect business model for just about anybody, regardless of their profession, race, religion or background.

Who Shouldn’t Do Network Marketing?

People looking for a lottery ticket. Network marketing is not a get rich quick thing. And if someone tells you that, I highly suggest you go the other way. Think of it as a get rich slow, as in you are going to need to put in the work.

Non-coachable people.  The worst thing you can say is “I know that already.” Nothing is worse than being around a so-called “no it all.” Here’s a reality check, you don’t know it all, nobody knows it all. You’re results or lack thereof will tell you how much you know.

Take me, for example, I got introduced to network marketing back in late 2008 and I’m still learning stuff today. I’ll always be a student.

People who get offended easily. Listen, if you’re not ready to be made fun of or called crazy, you might want to want to go do something else. If you care more about what someone else thinks, this business is not for you. I’m just keeping it real.

You’ll probably have family and friends question what you’re doing or even criticize you for doing it. But one thing I’ve learned is the people who criticize the most are the ones worse off than you.

Will MLM Destroy Your Family?

Let’s keep this short and sweet, NO MLM will not destroy your family.

When you hear about MLM destroying families it usually boils down to the spouse doing something behind the others one’s back like spending large amounts of money without telling the other person.

Or maybe the auto-ship is coming out that joint checking account every month but you’re not doing anything to move your business forward.

I know how I would feel if I were married and my wife signed up but was not working the business. I’d feel like we were throwing money away.

Sometimes when you’re running hard to build your business you might have to miss a few social functions to get things going. Will it be like that forever? Nope but you might need to make some sacrifices along the way.

The best thing to do is be upfront with your family and let them know exactly what you are doing.

If they’re still skeptical the best way to get them to see things you’re way is to start earning some money. Bring home a check.

Bottom line, be upfront with your family, let them know what you’re doing and the reasons your doing it and won’t have to worry about this business destroying your family.

Can Your Life Get Ruined By MLM?

No MLM won’t ruin your life. Like I mentioned earlier what gives MLM a bad name is the behavior of network marketing reps.

If your going to do network marketing decide to become a professional is what the legend Eric Worre says. In fact, he wrote a book titled Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. You can check it out over on Amazon. It’s the perfect book for any and everybody who wants to become a pro in this business.

If you carry yourself like professional, people will respect you like one and you won’t have to worry about burning bridges or ruining your life.

When you do shady stuff like invite family and friends over for “get together” and it’s really a ploy to do a sales pitch on them. People don’t like that. If you choose to continue to do those type of things, then yea you run a risk of losing some friends.

So my best advice would be become a professional. Start by grabbing the book I mentioned above and learn the skills needed to build your business the right way.

How You Can Help Change The Image Of Network Marketing

Learn some prospecting skills, and for goodness sake don’t lie to people and tell them to come to your house or a location for one thing and it’s really your business presentation.

That’s not the best way to get someone exposed to your business.

Instead, be upfront better yet ask some questions and see if there is a problem that your business, product or service could solve. Make it a point to become a problem solver.

People don’t like to be sold but they will buy a solution to a problem they are having.

Don’t chase people. There’s a difference between prospecting and chasing. Prospecting your job is to see if they are open, that’s it. If they aren’t, move on to the next person and don’t look back.

Always maintain your posture. Posture is knowing what you have without the approval of someone else telling you.

Don’t put down someone if they decide not to get involved in your business.

Don’t have your company name on any of your social media profiles.

Don’t send unsolicited links on social media.

Don’t spam your friends on social media.

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Network marketing gets its bad name mostly from the behavior of the reps trying to build their business.

I don’t know of any other business that you can do for such low risk. A few hundred bucks to get started and pretty much unlimted income.

No products to develop, no customer service support, no employees to worry about.

You will however need to learn some skills. Network marketing is simple but not easy.

If you decide to get involved in network marketing, invest into yourself and learn the skills to build your business like a professional. If you don’t do anything but pickup a book and implement what you learn, it’ll do wonders for your business.

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