Can You Do Network Marketing On The Internet?

Can You Do Network Marketing On The Internet

When it comes to network marketing, you are probably asking yourself can you use the internet to build your business.

In this post, I’m going to give you the answer to that question, and show you exactly how you can do it.

Yes, you can absolutely use the internet to build your network marketing business. In fact, using the internet allows you to reach way more people vs doing it the old school offline way and it’s a way more leveraged way with your time.

So now you are probably wondering what’s the first thing you should do to get started. You might be tempted to go make a post on your Facebook account or start emailing a bunch of your friends about your new business. Before you do any of that keep reading as I’m about to share what has worked for me and so many other people using the internet.

What You Need To Get Started On The Internet

The big benefit of using the internet is being able to reach way more people in a more leveraged way. You will need a few things when getting started.

You’ll set yourself up for the best chances of having success. It’s going to take some work, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Using the internet means you need to learn some new skills. You’ll need to invest your time and sometimes even money to learn them. The first thing you need when getting started online is having the right mindset.

You need to have the mindset of, “I’m going to do this until.” Basically, you’re going to keep going no matter what until you get the results that you want.

Next up is having a blueprint. No need to try and re-invent the wheel here. Following a proven system, get’s you results faster and helps saves you time. Sure you can go out and find free information, but that’s only going get you so far. You need to treat your network marketing business like any other business meaning you’re going to have expenses. One thing that helped me big time was learning how to market. You might want to consider checking out this short video that will explain a bit more of what I’m talking about.

How To Build A Network Marketing Business Online

Let me be clear about one thing, building your network marketing business online will still require you to talk to people. I recruited my first person online by talking to them on the telephone. If you’re thinking about hiding behind your keyboard you might want to go another path instead of network marketing. If that’s not you then I’m going to share the skills with you and show you how you can do the same thing.

When you are building your business online you’ll want to learn how to generate leads. Leads are simply people who have raised their hand wanting more information from you.

The first thing you’ll need is having the right mindset. Especially if this is your first time building a business online. You’re going to need to learn some new skills and like anything else, it probably will be a bit painful in the beginning. It was painful for me. Learning all the new language, learning how to set up a funnel, my blog, autoresponder. But I didn’t quit, I just took it one day at a time.

Think about it, people go to school to learn a new school. Learning online marketing is no different. You’ll go through stages, you’ll start off as a freshman not knowing anything but as you keep going you’ll get better. Over time you’ll build up your pool of knowledge and your skill set will increase.

Here’s the secret sauce to building network marketing business online. You want to have a self-hosted WordPress blog. Most people who try to build their business online send people to a generic company replicated site that looks exactly like every other rep in the company. I put together a great resource that goes into more detail about blogging you can check out.

Having a blog is the key to branding yourself online. It’s also the key to generating leads for your business. Once you publish a blog post it stays out on the internet pretty much forever. Just waiting for people to find it. I get leads from blog post I’ve written months even years ago.

Don’t send people to a company replicated site. Instead, you should direct people to your blog. Let your blog control your traffic. People become leads from your blog by opting into your site. A blog gives you authority even if you haven’t gotten any major results yet. All people care about is what’s in it for them. A blog builds credibility and trust.

What If Your Brand New Online?

So what if you are new to network marketing online? What should you do to build your brand and credibility? You should start creating content from day one. Believe it or not, you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t make wild claims about money and how easy it will be. Just be yourself and take people along with you on your journey. As you continue to build your business you’ll start to change, in a good way though.

Creating content is where I screwed up at first. I waited too long to start my blog and doing videos. I was scared of the camera. I told myself there was no way I could write a blog post. Writing was never my strong point.

With all of that being said, here I am today. Creating videos and writing blog post. Getting over those fears have added a few dollars to my bank account and I’ve built skills that will continue to improve over time and help me build pretty much any business I want.

So if you’re nervous about doing your first video, I want to encourage you to just hit the record button and do it. If you would like some help with your first video send me an email at and I’ll help you out with your first one.

When creating your content think in benefits, what does your product or service does and NOT what it is, not the science, ingredients or awards. How does it benefit people? Social media post or any kind of content, you want to speak in benefits and this will attract people to you.

Don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media. Pick your platform of focus. That’s where you’ll get your results. Pick one place you’re going to show up consistently until you get the results you’re looking for. Once you start getting some results then you should add another platform.

Here’s a short video, where I go a bit more into detail about doing network marketing on the internet.

[Video] How To Start Network Marketing Online


Let’s wrap this up. Using the internet to build your network marketing business can be done, and has been done many times before. You’ll still need to pick up the phone and talk to people.  In my opinion, you should have a blog if you want to dominate the online world.

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