tips for marekting on social media

Five Tips For Marketing On Social Media

Do you ever wish you could get more people interested in your social media post?

Here are five tips for marketing on social media that will help you sell more of your product and recruit more reps into your business.

Step Your Facebook Marketing Game Uptips for marketing on social media

I’m all about trying to do things more efficient. I mean who wouldn’t want to knock out two or three birds with one stone. That’s exactly what you are going learn how to do when you check out this free Facebook marketing training. It’s going to show you step by step how you can get likes, create content for your blog and engage your fans all using Facebook live. Included is a pdf instruction manual that you can download as well. Did I mention this is a totally FREE training? You can check it out by Click Here!

People Don’t Come On Social Media To Buy

When was the last time you wanted to buy something and thought to yourself hmm let me log onto Facebook to make this purchase? Probably never.

Unfortunately, most network marketers and affiliate marketers are taught to just post their links on their profile page and different groups and then bam, the money should start rolling in. If it were indeed that easy, then everyone would be rolling in the dough! There are two words in Network Marketing. You need to learn both of them if you want to build any type of business. The network side is where you are out talking to people finding out who is open to taking a look at your business. You network every single day whether you know it or not.

Here is a secret that you should know, people don’t come on social media to buy. They use it to stay in touch with family and friends, catch up on current events and to be entertained. If you want people to notice you, then do something different, stand out from all the noise. Don’t be like every other so called marketer out here and instead lead with value. Instead of posting your signup link, post something that will educate your audience. Share something that will help solve a problem they might be having.

Never Stop Learning

I’m always feeding my mind trying to learn new things that can help me build my business. You have to stay thirsty for knowledge because nobody knows everything.

I was on a training the other day put on by Jessica Higdon. She went from working at a makeup counter to building a six-figure business using social media, talk about a turnaround! She knows a thing or two about how to use social media the right way. In this training, she shared some awesome social media tips and tricks on status updates that you can use to help you generate leads on a daily basis and build your network marketing team.

Hang out with me for a few minutes in the video below and learn the five tips for marketing on social media that can change jump start or change your business around.

Video: Tips For Marketing On Social Media

Wasn’t that some good stuff? Give this social media marketing strategy a try and watch how your business changes. Make sure you leave me a comment if this training helped you.

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  • Mark Nelson

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    Never stop learning. Things change so fast with social media. You have to keep learning. Great post

  • Chondra Rankin

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    I believe the more you keep learning and bettering yourself (and teach that), you can’t help but be successful! Thanks, Dereco!

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      That’s the recipe for success right there Chondra. Thanks!

  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    You are so right about people on social media not coming to buy. More people need to realize this. Thank you for posting this.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply February 4, 2017

      Exactly Roy, and they wonder why they are not making any sales on social media. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  • Sandra Copeland

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    great Tips love this !!~ thank you for sharing really appreciate ♥♥☺☺

  • Gary Bledsoe

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    That was a great webinar Jessica did. Thanks for the great note taking & reminders.

  • Coach Jamie

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Dereco!
    Appreciate the breakdown of the different type of posts.


  • Sherri Brown

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    You’re absolutely right! People go to Facebook to be entertained, educated and inspired not to be sold of different stuff. Give them first what they need and they’ll start hunting you.

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      Exactly Sherri, when you become the hunted that makes building your business a lot easier.

  • Mike McDonald

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    Great stuff Dereco, people come really to be nosy, and to take a break from life. So be the entertainer.

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply January 31, 2017

    Awesome stuff Dereco! People don’t go on social media to buy, BUT those who buy are on social media.

    The key is to entertain, educate, and engage them to build the relationship off of social media

    Dr. Lisa

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      You got that right Dr. Lisa, the people who buy are all over social media! Great point!

  • Tressia

    Reply Reply January 31, 2017

    What a great and informative video. I will watch it several times to make sure I can capture those great ideas!
    Being fairly new, I am always looking for ways to gain forward momentum.THIS helps a LOT!
    Keep up the great work Dereco… Love your mobile University- How cute!

    • Dereco Cherry

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      Awesome Tressia! Glad the video help you out! Yes, I love to learn and teach from my mobile university. lol

  • Martin Dean

    Reply Reply January 31, 2017

    Great post Dereco. Great info in this post.

  • Mike Online

    Reply Reply June 22, 2017

    Appreciate the breakdown of the different type of posts.

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