Video Marketing On Facebook In Three Easy Steps

Video Marketing On FacebookJust getting started with video marketing on Facebook?

In today’s video blog training, I’m going to share three tips that will help you get more people on your Facebook live streams.

Want Massive Results?

As you know marketing online requires you to stay up to date on all the latest marketing trends. Doing this will help you know what is working and what doesn’t work. Saving you precious time and even money. Facebook live is the newest hottest marketing trend going on right now. Doing live video is the closest thing you can do to a live in-person presentation or connecting with your audience. If you want the inside scoop on some facebook video marketing strategies then check this out by Clicking Here!

It Will Suck In The Beginning

I remember when I first got started with online marketing back in 2009. I came across this marketing system from a video someone had made. Once I got signed up and going I noticed all the people on the leaderboards shared one thing in common. They all were doing video!

I knew if I wanted my business to take off I needed to do them too. But here is where the so-called problem came in, I thought I needed the fancy camera, flip cameras were the thing to have at the time. I couldn’t do my video until I had a new camera. Got the camera and still no videos. No, wait I needed that microphone to go on the camera so everyone could here these great videos. Got the camera still no videos. You see where this is going? I kept thinking I needed this and that before I could do a video which was a very BIG mistake. If you think you need fancy equipment to do videos, Check this out to see what I use now to do all my videos,

My Very First Video

Fast forward to around 2014 (yea it took me that long) I actually ended up doing my very first video using my Blackberry smartphone I had at the time. I remember sitting at my desk just turning the camera over and started recording. There was no front facing camera or anything but I just went for it. That was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I went from zero leads and zero sales to generating a consistent lead flow and I made my very first sale online that year.

All this happened because I stopped procrastinating, got over my fear and just did the video and every time I do a video now it gets a bit easier and easier. If I would have started doing video back in 2009 when I got started online there is no telling where my business would be. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did by not doing video.

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Facebook Live Is Hot

Facebook allows you to do live video from your smartphone and now it’s rolling out to your desktop and laptops computers as well. It’s also a great way to build your audience and interact with your friends in real time. It’s the closest thing to in person that you can get. In the video below are three video marketing on Facebook tips that will help you get more people on your live broadcast.

Video: Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing On Facebook

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16 thoughts on “Video Marketing On Facebook In Three Easy Steps”

  1. Great post Dereco! I agree we all will suck at the beginning but, only up from there! I finally pulled the trigger when April Marie Tucker did a 90 Days Instagram Blitz a few years back. Thank goodness I pulled that trigger then!

  2. Yeah – I used to be scared doing videos and now I’m totally addicted.

    I was scared doing FB lives for fear of screwing up live, but I get the most engagement when I make mistakes.

    Great stuff Dereco!

    Dr. Lisa

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