How To Do Network Marketing Without Social Media

How To Do Network Marketing Without Social Media

All the hype right now is around building your network marketing business using social media.

I think using only social media is a bad idea, so I put together this blog post that will show you effective ways other than social media to build your network marketing business.

Using ONLY social media to build your business is not a good idea. The biggest reason is you don’t own any of the content you post. You don’t even own your own profile! The best way to do network marketing without social media is with blogging. With a self-hosted WordPress blog, you own all the content and you can never be shut down unless you don’t pay your hosting bill.

Should You Do Marketing Outside Of Social Media

You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Building your business just on social media is doing just that.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people get put in Facebook jail were they did have full access to their accounts for a period of time.

Think about it, if you only had Facebook and they shut you down for a week or more what would happen to your business? It would all but stop. You don’t own your content or even your profile.

If you’re looking to stay in business for the long haul I highly suggest you market outside of social media.

Now I’m not saying don’t use social media. I think that would be crazy not to utilize that platform but don’t make that your only way your business runs.

In fact, here is a short training I put together covering five ways you should be using social media. Check it out if you’re interested.

Here Are Some Marketing Ideas Other Than Social Media

My main way of marketing is through my blog. My blog is my home base on the internet. My marketing machine looks like a wheel.  All my social media profiles are like little spokes in that wheel and my blog is in the middle. All those spokes point back to my blog.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”All my social media profiles are like little spokes and my blog is at the center of that spoke.” quote=” All my social media profiles are like little spokes and my blog is at the center of that spoke.”]

So if my Twitter account or Facebook account get’s shutdown, it doesn’t matter, because my blog is still up generating me leads and making sales for me.

I know I talk a lot about blogging and learning marketing but if you want to make money fast and get off your business off the ground you better be prospecting, especially in the beginning when you’re first getting started.

This is where social media can really shine and I think should be heavily used.

The Fastest Way To Make Money

There are two kinds of marketing, there is passive marketing. This where you put out some content such as a blog post or video and you hope that someone responds to it and reaches out to you.

Then there is active marketing. This is where you are reaching out to people to see if they are at least open to taking a look at your business.

The fastest way to make money when you are brand new is to do active marketing.

Active marketing can be simply sending someone a Facebook message. Here is the general flow you should always follow. By the way, I got this formula from my man Ray Higdon and it flat out works. So use it in your business.

  • Always use their name in the first sentence.  “Hey or Hello {Insert First Name}
  • Have a good genuine opening sentence. Check out their profile for clues.
  • Tell them why you’re messaging them. “I read your response to that Facebook post and thought it was great.”
  • Ask them a question. “Do you mind if I ask what do you do for a living?”

Here’s a general idea of how this could look in a conversation.

You: “Hey, Michelle I wasn’t going to send this message went ahead and sent it anyway. I didn’t want to come as all weird or like a spammy message lol, but I did really dig your post on (mention the post or group page) and you seem like you have your stuff together. Do you mind if I ask what do you do for a living?”

Michelle: “Oh hey, thanks for the message and the compliment. I’m actually a registered nurse.”

You: “Oh yeah, how long have you been doing that?”

Michelle: “About 5 years.”

You: “That’s awesome, have you ever considered doing anything else?”

Michelle: “Actually, I have been looking to maybe do something different.”

You: “Oh ok, since you shared that with me, you might want to take a peek at what I do. If you’re open I could send you over some information, if not no big deal.”

With prospecting just keep things simple and above all don’t be weird with people. If it feels weird to you it probably feels weird to them.

Now when you learn how to do attraction marketing and build a brand these conversations are a lot easier to have because your prospects are the ones reaching out to you.

What Is A Brand

So let’s tackle this question what is the brand? Your brand is something that you are known for when someone says your name what immediately comes to mind. That is your brand.

When you’re talking about branding online you want your name to be associated with something, for example, if you google my name Dereco Cherry you will see my videos and blog post come up. You will see all the content that I have been putting out.

What you won’t see is my name with my network marketing company all over it.

A lot of network marketers get this wrong. They go out and brand themselves around their company. This can work but only for people who have built really large teams. Those people have a little more play in the things they can do.

What happens if you decide to change companies? Or if your company goes out of business or gets shut down?

That’s why it’s important to build your brand around you and own your email list.

Should You Build A Brand

Like I mentioned above, if you want are wanting to stay in business for the long haul you absolutely want to build your brand.

If you’re just looking to make a quick buck and not take this business series then no you shouldn’t build your brand.

How To Build A Brand Without Social Mediamlm with no social media

Building a brand without social media is not difficult at all.

Here my suggestions, like I’ve been saying from the beginning have your own self-hosted WordPress blog. I put together a good starter guide for blogging.

You can create videos on YouTube. Yes, I know YouTube is a form of social media but I’m talking about not using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Videos are a great way to leverage your time. People find and watch videos I’ve done months and even years ago. When was the last time you search for something and someones Twitter post showed up as an answer?

You searched for answers on how to build your network marketing business without using social media.  So you’re here on my blog reading and learning the answer to that question. You’re not on my Facebook profile.

You could even write articles and post them on article sites. While that wouldn’t be my first strategy, it can work.

Can A Business Survive Without Social Media

Of course, your business can survive without social media. I’m not a big-time social media person and I’ve managed to make thousands of dollars through blogging and my videos.

I do think you should find a way to incorporate some social media into your marketing plan. It’s just too big of a platform to totally ignore.

[Video] Can You Be Successful Without Social Media


So let’s wrap this up you don’t need social media to build a network marketing business now there are some people who are very successful with building their business on social media but using only social media is like putting all your eggs in one basket.

You want to build your brand when you do it right, people will follow no matter where you go. If I were to Google your name right now what would show up? That’s your brand. You can change that starting right now today.

Now I’m not saying don’t use social media but I think you should take a multiple angle approach with your overall marketing plan. Utilizing other strategies such as blogging and doing videos which in my opinion is the best way outside of social media to build your network marketing business.

With a self-hosted WordPress blog, you own it, you own the content and you can never be shut down and in addition to that, you can monetize it any way you see fit opening up additional streams of income that wouldn’t be possible if you were just using social media alone.

And remember to think of your marketing plan like a wheel, your blog is at the center of that wheel and your social media profiles are little spokes that point back to your blog.

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To Your Massive Success

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  1. This was excellent. I don’t like Facebook or Instagram and I’ve been trying to find out if others have had success in this present day – without using those tools. So thank you for sharing this!

    1. I’m not big on Facebook either Lexie, Social media is a great short term marketing strategy but not for the long-term. That’s where blog post and youtube videos really shine.

      With Social media, you have to show up every day which is a good thing in itself but blog post and videos work for you around the clock whether you show up or not.

      Glad you got some value from this post.Thanks for stopping by!

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