How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free [Without Being Spammy]

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

Are you wondering how to increase blog traffic for free?

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly what I do to get free traffic to my blog without being spammy.

The more eyes you can get on your product or service, the better chance you’ll have of getting a new customer. The best way to increase traffic without being spammy is to first write content that solves your target audience problem. Then you go out and share it across your favorite social media platform.

Tricks To Increasing Blog Traffic

My number one trick is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You can structure your content so when someone searches for it on the internet your stuff shows up. Your content is no good if no one is searching for it.

That’s why you never want to create a piece of content without doing some type of keyword research. Here is a free training so you can get your learn on about doing proper keyword research.

Keep in mind, SEO is a long-term strategy. It can sometimes take months for your content to rank. So be prepared to have some patience.

A big advantage of blogging is once you hit publish, your post will stay out there forever or as long as you keep paying for your blog.

I get leads and sales from videos and blog content that I’ve created months and years ago.

There are a ton of keyword tools out here. Google keyword finder was free now they require you to have an ads account that’s running to be able to access that data.

I use a free tool called keywords anywhere. It’s a small plugin that installs to your browser. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

Here are the guidelines that I follow when choosing a keyword to go after.

  • Go after long tail keywords. Three words or more. Longtail keywords are easier to rank for and usually have less competition.
  • At least 50 searches per month. Unless it’s an ultra-targeted keyword.
  • Less than 100k pieces of content. I put my keywords in quotes to find out. For example, if my keyword was blogging, I would put “blogging” in google. The number right below it is how many pieces of content out there. You can do this on YouTube too.

If you really want to grow your blog traffic in addition to doing some basic keyword research just put out helpful content. Content that answers peoples question and solves their problems.

That’s how you avoid being spammy. When you just talk about how great your product or service is that turns a lot of people off.

Talk about what problems it solves. What are the benefits of it?

If you have some keyword tips be sure to let me know in the comments below.

The First Critical Step

Before you create your first piece of content you need to figure out who your target audience is going to be. When you try and market to everyone you end up marketing to no one.

If your business is health and wellness you should focus all your content on health.

Take my blog for example, when someone lands on it, they know it is all about helping network marketing with their online marketing.

It’s very targeted.

This is not a fitness blog, it’s not a travel blog. It’s a network marketing blog.

All my content is around helping network marketers use the internet to build their business.

Your content needs to be for a specific audience. Just think to yourself who would benefit the most from your product or services. And whatever you do, don’t say everyone.

Some More Tips On Generating Blog Traffic

SEO is a great long-term strategy but if you want some faster results here is what I do.

Once I put out a new piece of content I immediately send it to my list and share it across all my social media channels.

The hardest share to get is the first one, so you should be the first person to share your content.

I also share in Google+ groups and a handful of Facebook groups. Don’t go too crazy you just want to get your stuff out there.

I handle Twitter a bit different. It moves faster than Facebook. I do have free training that I used to set everything up.  If you want access to just shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up with access to it.


Blogging, in my opinion, is the number one way to generate leads online. With a self-hosted WordPress site that you own and control you never have to worry about someone shutting it down as you do with social media profiles.

Sure you can do paid ads and get faster results. But with paid ads comes a steeper learning curve and once you stop paying for your ads to show they stop.

Not the case with blogging, once you hit publish that post stays out there forever.

Make sure you do basic keyword research before you create your content and most importantly make it helpful.

Don’t make it about you, make it about your audience. When someone gets through reading your post they should have enough information on the topic to take action.

Email your list as soon as you publish your new content and share it across all your social media sites.

[Video] My Tips To Grow Blog Traffic

Did that video help you? What has worked for you to increase your blog traffic? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to share this around with anyone you think could get some benefit from this training.

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  1. Great post Dereco, thanks.

    I have a blog, but hardly post at present. I will need to get back to it!

    I used to post frequently and then tweet the post. That used to help my rankings.

    Have a great week,


  2. Well in my opinion beside all these tips, content is still king. if your contents are in detail on a topic and provide all the information then your blog will have success in search engines as well as will be shared massively on social media.

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