13 MLM Recruiting Secrets To Know If You Are Brand New

MLM Recruiting Secrets

Did you just sign-up in your first network marketing business? I was in those exact same shoes not too long ago.

Here are 13 MLM recruiting secrets I wished someone would have told me when I was brand new.

If you want to build a big team, MLM recruiting needs to be at the top of your priority list. Let me tell you up front, you’re probably going to suck at first, everyone does. But with a little training and consistency, you’ll get better. Here are five of the secrets I wish someone would have told me when I first got started. How to generate leads online, I should have gotten started with blogging sooner, not be so addicted to the outcome, say less to more to more people, and hired a coach to help get my business moving faster. You can check out the video in this post to get all thirteen secrets.

How To Grow Your Business Fast

If you want to make money fast, active prospecting is the way to do it. What that means is you actually reaching out to someone and finding out if they are open to take a look at your business or maybe buy your product.

I’m not saying you should just walk up to a complete stranger and start pitching them, what I’m saying is you should start a conversation, ask a few questions and collect some answers. This process can go really fast once you get things nailed down.

Here is the guideline that I use when I first start prospecting someone. I always lead off with a genuine compliment. Something like, “Hey those are some sharp shoes you have on.” 

With social media its even easier because all you need to do is look at the person profile to find something to start up a conversation with. In person, it’s a lot harder.

How To Do Prospecting In Network Marketing

Listen more and talk less. What you’re listening for are problems your prospects might be having. Whatever problem they are having you have the solution. And that solution is your network marketing business, product or service.

If they are trying to send their kids off to college….you have the solution.

If they are tired of working a 9 to 5….you have the solution.

If they would like to vacation more….you have the solution.

If they just want to make some extra money for whatever reason…..you have the solution.

You find out peoples problems by asking questions, good questions.

Let me give you a quick example,

You: “Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

Them: “Well, yea, as a matter of fact, I would be open to taking a look. What is it?”

You: “Great! Let me ask you something real quick, what’s got you open to making some extra income? Has something recently changed in your life?”

Them: “Well yea, as a matter of fact, they are talking about cutting our hours at my job.”

That is just one example of how things could go. The key takeaway from this is just to ask questions, figure out your prospects problems and provide the solution to those problems.

Another tip always speak with confidence and keep control of the conversations. You want to tell your prospects what to do next, don’t ask.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Don’t Ask, But Tell Your Prospect What The Next Steps Are. -Romi Neustadt” quote=”Don’t Ask, But Tell Your Prospect What The Next Steps Are. @RomiNeustadt “]

If you’re going to set up a three-way call with your upline instead of saying, “Would it be ok if we did a three-way call with my upline?”

You should say, “Here is the next step we’re going to do, I’m going to set up a three-way call with my upline to get your questions answered.”

Avoid This BIG Mistake When Recruiting

The MLM business is built around recruiting. Recruiting involves talking to people. But most network marketers talk entirely too much. If someone shows a slight bit of interest they go into pitch mode talking about how great their company binary plan is or the awesome car bonus.

All of that is fine and dandy but here is a reality check, NOBODY cares about any of that. The only thing people care about is the problems they are having.

They could care less about helping you reach a new rank advancement or getting that bonus check. How does that help your prospect?

This is especially bad when using social media. The worst thing you could possibly do is have your company name all over your social media profile. That hurts you in so many ways, for starters it will turn a lot of people off. People who may have otherwise joined you or purchased a product.

Also when you give away your company name, you’ve given your potential prospects all the information they need to go out and do their own research about your company, think about that for a second.

If someone were to Google your company name right now, I can almost guarantee they would find something negative.

Also, don’t ever send someone on social media an unsolicited link or send someone a friend request they accept then you immediately up in there inbox talking about your business. That’s just lazy and it doesn’t work.

Build that relationship first. Be genuinely interested in people and if you can help it don’t burn bridges.

How To Recruit Other Leaders Into Your Business

Here’s what I’ll tell you about recruiting leaders. You won’t know who will step up and become one. One of the things I’ve learned is never to judge anyone.

Just find out who wants to step up and become a leader and build their own team and you help them do it.

If someone doesn’t want to build a team or run really hard, don’t stress it. When the timing is right for someone to step and become a leader you’ll know it because they will tell you.

Become someone worth joining and by that I mean invest into yourself. Buy books, courses and attend events.

You might not realize this, but when you when you get better you become more valuable to your team. You can now start to train them on the things you’re learning.

Should You Use Social Media?

I always tell people yes you should be using social media to build your business. What you should NOT do is only use social media. Why? Because you don’t own your profile for starters and your content is not searchable.

I think you should use social media as a way to get people back over to your blog where they can get to know you even better. Don’t get me wrong, doing Facebook Lives is some powerful stuff and can get some serious momentum going, but there is no way I would build my business only using a platform like Facebook.

Social media changes all the time. Facebook changes all the time, one minute your post is reaching thousands of people and the next it reaches like 10.

Here are some effective Facebook tips I learned from Ray Higdon that will help you stand out from the other network marketers doing it wrong on social media:

  • Be yourself on social media. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. The goal is to appear honest and accessible.
  • Make sure your social media profile is appealing. It’s the first impression (online) people will have of you. Make sure your profile has YOU in it.
  • Post more “value-oriented” post. This means no links, nothing about your company or product and no sales hype (“ground floor opportunity”, “no competition,etc.)

Use social media just to don’t put all of your eggs in one basket with it.

I think anyone who is serious about building a business online should have a blog, a self-hosted WordPress blog. You own it, it’s yours and nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do with it.

[Video] The MLM Recruiting Secrets I Wished I Would Have Known


My best advice when it comes to recruiting is just a human being. Don’t try to close on the spot, instead find out if they are at least open. If not move on to the next person.

If the conversation feels weird to you, it more than likely feels weird to them as well.

Don’t try and be someone you’re not just because you’re behind a keyboard. Interact with people online just like you would if you were in person.

If you keep these few things in mind you’ll do just fine with your mlm recruiting and you’ll explode your business.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you know someone who could get some benefit from this training, feel free to share it with them.

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  1. Although I am not “New”, and these MLM Recruiting Secrets are not new to me either, I did walk away with at least one gem:

    – Tell Your Prospect What The Next Steps Are!

    Many times I am so engaged in the conversation, I forget to tell them their next step. So, I can appreciate the one-on-one dialog you shared here.

    What other MLM Recruiting Secrets are you hiding around here? 🙂

    Till my next visit,

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