Online Lead Generation: How To Generate Your First One

Online Lead Generation

Are you looking to generate your first lead online?

In this post, I’m about to share with you exactly how I generated my first lead online and how you can do the same thing.

There are so many ways to find leads online. You can pick up my free audio to learn 13 places right here on this site, you can buy your first leads. Or you could invest in yourself and learn how to generate people (attraction marketing) that reach out and want to talk to you. But the quickest way is to use social media to talk to people. Go out and join a couple of social media groups and network with people. That would be the fastest way to do it. Video is another great way to generate leads fast. Just start sharing what you are learning. Let’s dive a bit more into each of these strategies.

What Is A Lead?

Leads are the lifeline for any business. No leads no business.

A lead is just someone who’s raised their hand by emailing you or opting into one of your websites requesting more information about your product or services.

Here’s an example, have you ever put your name and email address into some form online or filled out a survey? Shortly after you started getting emails from that company. You’re officially a lead for that company. They had some offer in exchange for your information.

Attraction marketing is all about lead generation, converting a cold market (strangers) into prospects to maybe do business with you at some point.

A lead does not have to be stranger, people you already know can be considered a lead. With people you already know, you could reach out to them to find out if what you have to offer could potentially solve a problem for them.

How To Generate Leads Online

There are different ways I’ve learned about marketing. One is active marketing; this is where you reach out and find out if someone is open to taking a look at your product or service. Active marketing takes work; you’ll have to send out messages and start up conversations.

With the way social media has exploded in these last few years, places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great places to find people to prospect. You do however need to learn some skills, so you don’t look spammy or like all of the other marketers out there.

The main thing I will tell you about prospecting on social media is don’t be weird with it. Find something you have in common and start up a conversation and ask questions. And never under any circumstance should you send an unsolicited link.

The other way to generate leads online is through passive marketing; this is where you hope an individual responds to some form of content you’ve put out. Content could be a blog post, video, Facebook lives or an article.

With online lead generation, you need to have something to offer your audience in exchange for their contact information. Knowing your target audience will play a big key in coming up with some give away.

Let’s say you are with a health an wellness network marketing business and you want to attract people wanting to lose weight. You could put together a guide like, “The top 10 foods to eat to get rid of belly fat forever.” And to get access to this guide the person would need to give you their name and email address.

Other Ways To Generate Leads Online

When you’re brand new online, going out hustling up your own leads is the fastest way to do it. But it’s not the only way.

Here are some additional ways you can generate leads online:

Do Facebook Lives

If you want to reach the most people, Facebook lives are the way to go. Keep in mind your videos on Facebook won’t be searchable. They are great short term, but not effective at all over the long haul.

Blog post, and YouTube videos, in my opinion, are the way to go to build the ultimate leverage. I have blog post and videos that I put out months even years ago still producing for me today.

What you could do is repurpose your Facebook lives by downloading them, putting them up on YouTube then embedding that video into a blog post.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the number two search engine on the planet. It’s owned by Google which makes the content extremely searchable.

Be careful using youtube though, just like with any social media accounts which you don’t control; you can be shut down or banned. I’ve personally never had any problems with youtube, but I’ve known a handful of people who’s channel has been shut down.

In the past, your channel could get attacked with people just reporting your videos for no reason, which would lead to videos getting age restricted and so forth. I’m not sure if it’s still like that but like I said I hadn’t had any issues.

It’s an excellent platform, especially for the new person.

To do video, you don’t need any fancy equipment at all, in fact, all you need is the cell phone in your pocket and a cheap tripod like this one here on Amazon. Hit the record button and follow this simple four-step process,

  1. Intro
  2. Question
  3. Content
  4. CTA (CAll To Action)

Recording videos and having people reach out to you is way better than you having to reach out to people. A video is way more leveraged too. The work for you around the clock. And anyone in the world can watch your videos as long as they have an internet connection.


If I had to choose to just one marketing strategy it would be blogging, no questions asked.

With blogging make your post helpful. Write a post that answers your target audience questions and solves their problems. That’s all people care about is can you solve their problems. You could be a space alien from another planet, but as long as you could solve their problem, people wouldn’t care.

When I wrote my first blog post, I hadn’t made any sales online and had only generated a handful of leads. I was hardly the expert, and I’m still no expert. I’m still learning.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”If I had to choose to just one marketing strategy it would be blogging, no questions asked.” quote=”If I had to choose to just one marketing strategy it would be blogging, no questions asked.”]

I think both of these strategies are a great way to generate leads online. I’m currently using both of them right now in my business.

Online Lead Generation Tools You’ll Need

Honestly, you don’t need much to get started.

I mentioned above you could do videos with your current cell phone and a simple tripod.

You’ll need to invest into yourself to learn things that you can share.

The only other thing I would suggest is having an email list management service. I’ve been using Aweber for years, and they’ve been great.

How I Generated My First Lead Online

Let me think for a moment; I remember my first lead came from posting capture pages inside Facebook groups, to be honest. I had just joined this online marketing system (I still use it today) and had no clue with what I was doing at the time, I watched a training that taught this strategy, and I just did it. What’s funny is the strategy still works today.

It took a few days of consistent action but let me tell you, that feeling of getting that very first notification that you just generated a lead is one of the best feelings you’ll experience as a marketer.

Still to this day I get excited when I get notifications I’ve just generated a lead.

I made my first actual sale online just like this; I watched a Facebook training, I paused it and implemented the training as it went along and I was able to make my first 100 dollar commission from taking action.

Don’t get caught up in learning mode. While you should work on growing your skills daily, you need to put what you’re learning into action. That’s the only way you’ll see results.

Not sitting on a two-hour webinar, not reading that book you just purchased but taking action.

If you learn something, put it into action, get a result, then teach what you just learned.

How To Network On Social Media

You should treat social media just like you would if you were in person. Would you walk up to someone you don’t know and immediately ask them to buy something or join your business?

That’s what you’re doing when you send someone an unsolicited link through a message or post your sign-up link on your profile.

If you were in person, you’d start a normal conversation with that person, get to know them to some extent and find out if they need your product or service.

Social media makes it super easy to start a conversation. Go to the person profile, find something from their profile and start up a conversation.

Don’t over complicate this process; it’s super easy and very effective.

There is no magic script or no perfect thing to say, be a human and above all don’t be weird with it.

Should You Call Your Leads Back?

Getting a lead with a phone number is one of the highest quality leads you can generate online. When someone puts in their phone number, they are telling you to call.

I remember generating my first leads with a phone number; I was so scared at the time to pick up the phone. But then I started thinking; they reached out to me. I didn’t chase them down. That was attraction marketing at work.

So now, I find it exciting to get on the phone with leads.

Now I do still get people who are rude to me sometimes. But I’m like sir you opted into MY website, I didn’t chase you down.

And honestly it doesn’t bother me when people are rude, I politely disqualify them and move on to the next person. I spend ZERO time convincing or trying to persuade people if they have a bad attitude.

How Soon Should You Call Your Leads Back?

If you generate a lead on Tuesday, you should have called them back on Monday. What I mean here is you want to call your leads back ASAP!

Don’t wait; you want to get them on the phone while the information is fresh in their minds. If they opted into your site more than likely, they opted into a few other ones as well.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten on the phone with a lead and they say to me I’m the first person to have called them back.

When you start generating more leads than you have time, that becomes a bit of a problem, a good problem to have.

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What To Say On The Phone

When I call a lead back it usually goes like this:

Me: “Hey, may I speak  to John?”

Lead: “This is John, may I ask who is calling?”

Me: “Oh hi John, this is Dereco. You requested some information from one my websites. I’m just giving you a call to see how I can help you out.”

You want to come from a place of service when you’re talking to leads. Ask questions and figure out their pain points and provide solutions to those pains.

I like to have multiple solutions to peoples problems. Most leads you generate will already be in a network marketing company or building some type of business. With those prospects I don’t try and recruit them into my business, I’ll usually ask them how they are doing with generating leads online.

If they say not good, then I’ll provide a solution to that problem.

If they are brand new and looking to join a business, then I’ll ask a few more questions then get them onto a presentation.

I did do several blog post outlining what to say based three different prospects. I’ll put a link to them below if you want to check them out and go a bit deeper.

Mlm Prospecting Tips: Questions For The Single Person

Search Mlm Prospecting Tips:Dating Network Marketer Questions

Mlm Prospecting Tips: Married Network Marketer Questions

[Video] How I Do Online Lead Generation

Let’s Wrap This Up

Generating your first lead online is not that difficult at all. You will have to put in the work to do it.

The fastest way to generate your first lead is you go and reach out to people. Your marketing will take some time before it kicks in and you’re generating leads on auto-pilot.

Use social media to find people to talk too about your product or service. Check out their profile and find something to start up a conversation with.

Also, remember never send out an unsolicited link and don’t have your sign-up link or company name anywhere on your profile.

If you’ve never generated a lead online, hopefully, this blog post has taught you what you need to do. Feel free to share this around with anyone else you think could get some benefit from this training.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you dig this type of training.

If this post was helpful, please do me a quick favor, like and share on Facebook or your favorite social media platform.

To Your Massive Success

Dereco Cherry





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