9 Tips You Can Do To Change Your Online MLM Business Forever

online mlm business

Trying to build your online MLM business but not having any success yet?

Here are 9 tips that you can do that will change your business Forever!

Building an MLM business is already a lot of work. Building it online is a whole new ball game. I found out myself when I first got started. Here are the 9 tips that will change your business forever when you implement them. Talk to more people, talk less listen more, ask better questions, invest in yourself, hire a coach, stay coachable, read more books, use your company tools, and finally, learn how to market.

What Goes Into Building A Network Marketing Business Online

Here are the core things I think you’ll need to be successful online in no particular order.

You’ll need to talk to as many people as you can. Active prospecting (you reaching out to people) will never go out of style and It will never stop working. It will always be relevant and effective.

You need to learn how to properly market and build your email list.

You should plug into a marketing system so you can keep up with the latest strategies and techniques so you don’t get left behind.

And the last thing, you need to stay consistent and take action! Actually, that tip right there should have been one of the original tips.

Network marketing is a people business. So building a business online is going to require the same thing as building it offline and that’s talking to people.

The more people you talk to the greater chance you’re going to have to gain a new customer or business partner.

With doing it online, however, you can leverage yourself and time in ways that just can’t be done with the traditional way of building a network marketing business.

For example, you could create a video that people could watch 24/7 and anywhere in the world. Think about it, yea coffee shop meetings are effective but how many can you do in one day? How many home parties can you do in a day or even a week?

I’m not saying these strategies don’t work, in fact, I highly suggest you do them, in the beginning, to get some momentum going.

You’ll need to have some patience as it will take some time and you need to be consistent.

The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make Online

The number one mistake network marketers make online is they give away way to much information.

What I mean is, if I can look at your social media profile or look at your content and it’s nothing but an advertisement for whatever company you’re in, you are doing it wrong.

You should always lead with YOU first.

I don’t care how good your product or service might be if your prospects don’t think you can help them achieve their goals, they won’t join you, period!

So posting, things, like Join my team or buy my product, becomes very ineffective, yet so many people do it. It blows my mind.

If network marketing was that easy as just posting stuff like that everyone would be millionaires.

Make this simple mindset shift, Say less to more people.

How To Get Started With Online MLM Business

It all starts up top in your head and that means having the right expectations from the start.

So here is what you can expect from the start, first it’s going to take time. It took me a few months before I even made my first sale. That’s not to say that’s normal, some people have gotten results faster than me.

If you do then great! But don’t expect the checks to be rolling in after the first week.

Hell, you might struggle for a few years.

All I’m saying is it’s different for everyone. It boils down to your work ethic and how consistent you are.

Start the right way by providing value to people. Educate yourself and then turn around and share what you are learning.

Your Most Important Online Asset

I also suggest you focus on building your list as soon as possible.

A marketing list is simply a collection of names, email addresses and sometimes phone numbers of people who have requested more information about something.

Now to get people to give you their information you must give them something in exchange first. Here on my blog, I have a free audio that teaches home business owners some of the best places to find leads online.

Someone must give me their name and email address then I give them the free audio. Then they go onto my marketing list.

These are highly targeted leads, they already know who I am through my content. Targeted leads like this are of much higher quality vs the leads that you buy.

I made a mistake and didn’t take my list building serious at first.

Your marketing list is your most valuable asset online in my opinion. I got started with a service called Aweber and I still use it to this day.

It’s not expensive, I think they even have a free trial for a month so you can check everything out first.

Who Would Benefit Most From Your Product Or Service?

And don’t say, everybody. When you try to market to everybody you end of marketing to nobody.

When I generate a lead online and they leave me a phone number depending on how that conversation goes is what I offer them as a solution.

A lot of the people I talk to are already happy in their current business and that’s great, I never try to convince someone to join me if they are happy with their current company I leave it at that.

If I find out they are happy my next question is usually something along the lines of, so how are you doing with generating leads online?

If they say not good, I’ll simply ask them, Would they be open at looking at something that could solve that problem. If they say yea, I send the information over.

I did a series of blog post that went into detail on the types of questions I ask my leads. Check them out if you’re interested in learning more about prospecting.

Mlm Prospecting Tips: Questions For The Single Person

Mlm Prospecting Tips:Dating Network Marketer Questions

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Should You Talk To Your Family and Friends?

Don’t be in the MLM witness protection program, of course, you want to tell your friends and family about your new business. A lot of times that’s where you’ll get your first customer or business partner.

I would just ask them to take a look and maybe support you by buying a product or maybe getting on an auto-ship. You never know, they might love the product and want to share it with their circle of friends. Then you could show them the business side on how they could turn it into a business for themselves.

Don’t just assume they wouldn’t be interested.

Let me tell you there is no worse feeling than someone you know personally being recruited by someone else in the same company. I’ve actually had this happen to me before.

Not a good feeling at all.

So get out there and let your friends and family know what you’re doing.

[Video] What Goes Into Building A Network Marketing Business Online


Let’s wrap this post up, we covered the 9 things you can do to change your MLM business forever. Building a network marketing business online is not easy but so worth it.

With the Internet, you have the chance to really create leverage in. your business by utilizing some of the tips I’ve just shared with you.

The internet is NOT a lottery ticket and anyone who tells you that is just full of it.

Your work ethic and daily routine all affect the results you do or don’t get. Everyone’s path to success will be different.

My question to you is, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?

Let me know in the comments below if this post has helped you out in any way!

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To Your Massive Success

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