How To Promote Affiliate Products To Make Sales

How To Promote Affiliate Products

Do you want to make multiple streams of income in your home based business?

This post will teach you how to promote affiliate products to make an additional stream of revenue outside your network marketing company.

Affiliate marketing in my opinion should be added to your source of income. But how does that fit in with your network marketing company? Let’s dive into this post and I will explain.

Should You Do Affiliate Marketing Or Network Marketing?

I suggest you do a combination of both.  Affiliate marketing can have a tougher learning curve, you will need to learn how to drive traffic and some copywriting skills for starters. Most of the leads that you will generate online will already be in a network marketing company and are usually very happy. This is where an affiliate product can fill this gap and any sales you make is usually a one-time transaction. There are a ton of marketers out there who are making a great living from this business model.

Network marketing on the other hand can be an excellent way to supplement your income as well. There are some key advantages to this home business model. For starters, you can make a residual income from multiple levels of people.  You will still need to learn some skills such as how to prospect and close people. But with network marketing, once you make the sale your work is just getting starting. You will need to work with your team to help them get their business moving. Mlm is more leveraged than affiliate marketing. You can do the work once and get paid a lifetime from your efforts.

how to promote affiliate productsHow To Combine Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Part of being an entrepreneur is solving of peoples problems. You identify a problem, and then you present a solution to that problem. So let’s say you generated a lead online and they are totally happy in their current network marketing company, but they are struggling with generating leads. You could easily point them to an affiliate product that could teach them how generate leads online to fix their problem.

Once I connect with a lead on the phone, and I’ll ask them some simple questions. If you would like to know, my exact questions check out the resources below. These are the exact strategies I use daily in my business.

Mlm Prospecting Tips:Married Network Marketer Questions

Mlm Prospecting Tips: Questions For The Single Person

Mlm Prospecting Tips:Dating Network Marketer Questions

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

One of the cool things about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to create a product or anything. You don’t have to worry about accetping payments all that is handled by the company.

To signup as affiliate you normally need to register on the site that created the product. You then are given a unique link that contains information that is tracked back just to you. Everytime someone buys something using your link you are paid a referral commission. The more sales you make the more money you make.

I’ve used this exact model to earn income outside of my network marketing company.

Joining an affiliate program is usually a low or none upfront cost. It is a good idea to own the product if you plan on recommending it to other people. Any product that I refer over to my audience, I have bought or use the service in my business.

There are however some pros and cons to affiliate marketing.

For starters, like i just mentioned above, the big upside to affiliate marketing is the little or no upfront cost. You don’t have to create any product, you just refer people over to the product, and you earn a commission if a sale is made.

The downside to affiliate marketing, you have to be careful with the products that you recommend to your audience.Once you refer someone over to a product that you did not create, they usually end of up on another marketing list, which you have no control over. I would make sure that any product that you decide to promote is somewhat congruent with your target audience.

Let me give you an example, I’m a network marketer, but I also promote services such as a generic marketing system that teaches other network marketers how to build their businesses online. A lot of the leads that I generate are people who are already in a network marketing company, so I just ask them how are they doing with generating leads for their business?” If they say they are not doing good, I will refer them over to check out my link. If they decide to signup cool, I’ve just made a commision.

Sometimes you can get a new signup in your mlm and a affiliate sale all from one person.

Don’t Join To Many

Joining too many affiliate programs can be a big mistake. I used to think that joining any every affiliate program that was out there was the way to go. You can hit a wall where having too many programs can become unmanageable and hard to keep track of them all. Only choose a handful of programs, so you don’t put too much on your plate.

Don’t Just Depend On Your Network Marketing CompanyHow To Promote Affiliate Products-2nd-blog-pic

Just putting all your eggs in one basket with your network marketing can sometimes be a bad idea. Companies change compensation plans or even sometimes shut down altogether.

Over the course of the years of me being online, I’ve seen a fair share of companies go out of business. Leaving reps scrambling trying to figure out what they are going to do to replace that income that was lost. Ideally, you want to have a diverse source of income coming in every month. So you are not solely dependent on just one thing.

This is why having multiple streams of income is so important.

Where Are The Best Places To Promote Affiliate Links?

Before I tell you the best place to promote your link, you need to understand who is your target audience. Who would be most interested in the product you are trying to promote. When you try to market to everyone you end up marketing to no one. For example, you wouldn’t try and sell dog food to a group of people who love cats, does not make a lot of sense. Not to mention you would not make any sales. Instead, what if you advertise your dog food in a group of people who loved dogs? See the difference?

The best piece of advice I got, was to know who you want to attract with your marketing. Marketing to everyone is like throwing a hail mary pass into the end zone and hoping your receiver catches it.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website

There are a couple of easy strategies you could use that will allow free link posting of your affiliate offer. You can use websites such as YouTube. You can open up an account for free and start uploading videos. No fancy equipment required. Make sure you talk about the benefit of the product you are trying to sell. Don’t talk about what it is but talk about what it does.

Where most network marketers and affiliate marketers mess up, they don’t make it about their prospect. People only care about what is it for them. Help them solve a problem, and you will not have any issues selling anything.

If you’ve ever asked yourself where can i post my affiliate links for free, the video below will help you out.

Video: How To Promote Affiliate Products

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  1. As a network marketer, I am always looking for something “new” I can share with prospects and leads. And, what a GOLD MINE of information you gave away here Dereco. You definitely earned the rank of one of the top 100 MLM blogs you were awarded recently.
    The sample questions you offered as a give away is outstanding. Thanks for the value…

  2. Affiliate marketing with email marketing and your list can be lucrative with your tips !!! Certainly appreciate the value and tips you shared!! Used to do reviews and loved the leverage it gave me to increase value and income!!
    Thanks Dereco!!!

  3. It’s so important not to put all your eggs in one basket. And I agree – it’s so important to actually own the product that you are recommending and getting PAID on! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great post Dereco

    I personally love the combination between affiliate and network marketing.

    Network marketing is duplicatible especially if you have a system in place…

    Affiliate marketing it can be easy to promote too many things that can make you look like a pitchman…

    When you have the right affiliate offer with your network marketing offer, you can make money off the 90% who say “NO” to joining your business

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Well said man, Most of them are promoting products without knowing their audience, I think that’s a huge problem for not driving a sales, keep doing this great work, keep sharing with us, Have a good day!

    1. Knowing who you are trying to attract plays a big part in marketing. I only like to market products and services that I use myself. I appreciate your comment and for taking the time to stop by, thanks Harish!

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